Twitching/rippling .A symptom of MS ???

Hi ,I just wondered if any body had any experience with strange nerve/muscle twitches all over there body ?? I had a diagnoses about 18months ago and been having these weird twitches mainly in the backs of legs and back but sometimes all over , on a night when I’m in bed . Any one experienced this ? And if so is this something I can link to MS ? I read up on some possible cause tonight and google threw some awfull suggestions at me like ALS , Lou Gehrig’s disease , I actualy read this is found my self saying " oh I hope It’s MS ". How ironic !


Welcome to the club. Yeah, spasms and twitches are a classic MS symptom, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of the most common. They can often be worse at night, which I put down to the muscles being tired from the day, though I could be completely wrong on that. I also find other things can trigger them, like heat or cold, or having my legs in a certain position, or even just needing to pee.

If it becomes too much of a problem, there are medications that can help, like Baclofen or Gabapentin. But if you don’t want to go down the drug route, then I find mindfulness meditation really helps too.



I also get fasciculation over parts of my body, mainly legs. But can be all over. The most annoying is on the chest. Come’s on more with stress/anxiety or if im tired.

I had the tests done for ALS just to be sure ,but came back all clear. - Apparently the tongue twitching is something to watch out for as regards to ALS.

I don’t take any medication for this, i do soak in the bath with some Epsom salts now and again, which can relax the muscles…like Dan suggested,mindfulness meditation helps also.


Thank you both so much for your replies you have helped a lot . And definatly put my mind at ease somewhat. I don’t take any medications at the moment but I have an appointment to discuss dmds with neurologist , as I originally rejected the idea . Il ask about medications then . I don’t mind to much , very annoying but when I was giving my diagnoses I had so much horror go threw my head , I’m grateful for anything that isn’t to serious .

Thanks again

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