all over twitching

Hi im recently diagnosed in march hand numbness for 4 years and strange symptoms always told not ms but recently a cer spine mri revealed 3 lesion s and 2 smsll on brain mri my question is had a relapse a xmas legs heavy all over numbness hands still numb but coping but have been left with little twotches in calves thighs lip shoulder more in right calf I was very concerned at first so saw a neuro he saw twitches in calf by flicking it and said he saw it snd it not anything sinister but its driving me mad only happens when im resting and not when using the muscle’s … sorry to keep on but does anyone else get these ???


I get muscle spasms, in my legs mostly, and yeah, they can drive me mad sometimes too. It’s a very common symptom with MS. Did your neuro offer you anything for it? There’s various different drugs you can get that help relax the muscles. I also find it’s best not to let myself get wound up by it. When I do it only makes it worse. But if I’m able to stay calm & just my muscles do whatever they want to do, and somehow be soothing in my attitude towards them, then they tend to calm down quicker. It’s sort of like having baby that’s crying. Get stressed & annoyed with it and it’ll probably cry even more. But be calm & gentle & soothing, then it’ll probably settle down quicker (hope that makes sense!).


Hi thank u I will deffo mention to neuro next month as its like that relapse triggered it I mean I know that the occasional twitch is normal but sometimes I feel like a popcorn machine ha ha leg lip arm shoulder oh and bum that one makes me laugh xx Thank u for reply xx