Muscle Twitch

Hi All,

I have been getting since Friday rhythmic muscle twitching in my calf muscles both legs (not at the same time). Does anyone also get this with their MS? It doesn’t hurt but is weird & annoying. When I look at my calf it is very visible like it’s suddenly developed its own heart beat.



My left foot started buzzing a few weeks ago but it’s passed. I think a lot of that stuff is quite normal with MS. I’ve even had eye twitches that have gone on for just long enough to worry me and then they pass.

Hope yours passes too, I got really annoyed with the buzzing in my foot - it was a constant reminder of MS, it seemed to start as soon as the foot relaxed

Sonia x

im not diagnosed yet but I get that in my shoulder muscle had it for hours this morning but it’s seemed to have stopped for a bit now

it makes my arm feel odd too

Heard someone describe it as popcorn popping in the skin

Hi Snowqueen, yes sorry to say, normal for MS

It can be the rhythmic type like you have or the muscles can just move around in the most startling way… like a small hampster moving around under your skin!

Both types are usually painless… but annoying.

Pat xx

Yep me to I havent had it for a while but now you have reminded my muscles in my leg I bet it will start again. Thanks

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Thank you Sonia, thankfully no buzzing just twitching hope the buzzing has passed for you. It’s annoying because it’s when I stop moving around, I have been on my feet a lot again because I went back to work this week.

Snowqueen x

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Thank You Pat, I didn’t know whether I needed to go and get my electrolytes checked on my bloods or whether it’s just because of my C-Spine lesions. Especially because everything I have read says muscle twitches aren’t related to MS. I’ve had the odd twitch before but never this consistent or in my legs.

Snowqueen x

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Thank you Hoppity, Sorry I hope your legs weren’t listening (whispering)

Snowqueen x

Snowqueen I think it’s because you’re back at work and been on your feet a lot.

Try and rest as much as you can.

So much cr*p about MS on the internet. Anyone with MS knows that muscle twitches are very MS!

Pat xx

Thank you Pat, I’m still learning… Just when I think I’m getting to grips with it something else sneaks up on me. Can’t wait to start my Physio!

Snowqueen x

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Yes, it’s a common MS symptom…I get it too in various muscles…not all the time though…it is annoying but it’s one of the myriad of little irritating things we get…in time you’ll find you hardly notice it! In the meantime though as Pat says it could be just a warning that you need more rest.

take care,

Nina x

Hi Snowqueen

Yes, definitely an ms thing, I have only had it ooccasionally, but for me it looks like a small animal moving about under my skin!!

One of the many symptoms that ms does, just to remind us its still there.

Rest as much as you can, hope it passes soon.

Pam x

Hello Nina & Pam,

Thank you, I don’t want to annoy GP or my MS Team with questions about symptoms which aren’t causing harm but are just annoying. Just needed to verify that it was just part of the blessing.

Snowqueen x

Hello Snowqueen.

My GP and consultant are usually quite happy to talk about any symptom no matter how significant it is. Before my diagnosis I hardly ever saw a doctor and it took me quite some time to realise that I wasn’t being a pain to them. With MS we have a life affecting illness covering almost every aspect of our existence-I have to hold my hands to to being grumpy though. I can’t blame that on the beast.

A lot of my spasms and twitches have appeared in many guises on different parts of me. As most of us say, it’s more annoying than painful.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hello Steve,

Thank You for the advice it’s so reassuring to hear from people who understand.


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Hi All . This is my first time on this’s site as just trying to cope with the diagnosis of ppms. Glad I came on as have started getting twitches in my calf muscles but thought I was over thinking my symptoms as had nothing apart from foot drop on the occasion of a long walk… Was hoping to be told on my second visit to neurology in May that they’ve got it wrong. But feel less lonely now with finding this site. Struggling to cope with the unknown. I’m hoping to keep working for the foreseeable future but can’t find any info on how long that might be. Would be grateful for any info.

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Hi Dewdrop,

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed too. I was only diagnosed in March but don’t know type for definate, my Consultant says it looks like progressive but we need to wait and see. I had a fatiguable foot drop symptoms started in July last year since when it’s got worse in frequency and I now have other problems.

I too am struggling I did actually take nearly a month off work (first sickness time in 2yrs) as I tried to keep going and be positive but needed to have some head space. I am also trying to stay full time at the moment what job do you do?

Regarding how long before it gets worse I don’t think there is an answer I also would like to know. I have been reading a lot of literature from the MS society and MS trust. It would appear that everyone is individual in how their disease effects them and what period of time over. I met someone at my centre who is still walking 15 years in but another person who is in a wheelchair with significant disability 7yrs after diagnosis. I have been told to take a day at a time which I hate but think is probably right. I’m sure some of the people on this site will answer you also. Take Care.

Snowqueen x

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Iv’e often had the twitchy thing, around my eye… like its got a life of its own and other places to…i thought everyone got that and was a human thing like hiccups.

Michelle x

Hi Dewdrop

Welcome to the forum, lovely friendly people here, always willing to listen if you need to vent, and also offer advice where they can.

A new diagnosis is always difficult to get your head around, so give yourself time, and take one day at a time , which sounds simple, but I know its not, it will get easier.

Ms is an individual illness, whereby it can affect us in many different ways, so it is impossible for anyone to try and predict how it will go. Have you been given contact details of an ms nurse yet? If not your gp could give you these details.

Look forward to seeing you on the boards, take care.

Pam x