Twitching muscles

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on muscle twitching for me. I know spasms are or can be a sign of MS but is twitching?

Just so you know what I mean: I get twitching in the muscles between my thumb and forefinger about 50 times a day which moves either of these digits involuntary. I also get twitching in calf muscle in thigh muscle in both upper arm muscles and in my vagina (sorry guys!)

its now starting to get really annoying as its increasing and I feel all twitchy.

Any advice or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

didds x

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Hi Didds,

I’d vote yes. My legs are the worst, and it mostly happens when I’m trying to go to sleep. It can really impact my quality of sleep, so it may be worth seeing GP or trying a magnesium supplement or spray, or putting Epsom Salts in a warm bath (but please check that it won’t cause problems with any of your meds first).

Mags :slight_smile: x

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Hi Mags

thank you for your comment. I’m waiting for results of MRI and haven’t got a diagnosis yet. My symptoms have been getting steadily worse rather than relapses and plateaus. I’m hoping this is a good sign but fully aware that it may not be! I’m trying to stay positive, just playing the waiting game!

I hope you are well today!

Didds x


Good luck with the MRI results, I had muscle spasms and twitches at the beginning of my symptoms along with other sensations such as feeling wet down my leg (though dry), cold patches and tingling along with leg dragging slightly. Never had vaginal spasms, I don’t know how I’d feel about that

I am diagnosed with MS (following 2 1/2 years of tests; MRI’s, Chest x ray, lumbar puncture, stool sample, bloods and more MRI’s) but there are sooooooo many other possibile diagnoses your symptoms could indicate, hence why it can take so long to diagnose, especially so if your symptoms present in a mild sensory fashion.

Don’t worry too much for now, live life and enjoy :slight_smile:


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Hey Nikki! Thanks for your reply! Yeah I have other symptoms as well as the constant multiple twitches; pins and needles in feet and legs most of the time, strange odd patches of cold/ tingling. A creeping feeling, like a shiver but not(!!). Headaches, very sharp pain into my shoulder blade if I bend forwards. Etc etc (there’s more, but surely I can’t bore you with any more details!!)

I too have had two lots of blood tests to rule out other stuff: Lymes etc.

So just waiting for results of MRI. I’m not really worried: I can’t change the outcome of the MRI. But the waiting does leave one on the edge of ones seat so to speak.

Hope you are keeping well, thanks again for taking the time to write

Didds x

Hi Didds.

My main issue for years is twitching and painful spasms followed by balance/vertigo. Currently going through odd tremors as well. I am not diagnosed. Waiting on neurologist assessment following head scan suggesting trig neuralgia.

So what I’ve read twitching isn’t considered a main symptom at all however can be present. Interesting Nikki feels it was one of her first symptoms. Maybe there are more out there that are it as a predominant feature of their MS?

Suffice to say my twitching never lets up. I’m popping away all night. Sometimes huge thumpers. Anywhere on my body! But usually upper arms, sides, upper back, calves, thighs.

Hope your follow up helps re MRI.