Hello everyone,

I guess I am on here for some reassurance that i am not alone having MS with Muscle twitching? I have been going through a stressful time which i googled and apparently being stressed and anxious can cause muscle twitches but along with that diagnosis there is some horrible ones which i wont mention! Since i have read this, my symptoms have got worse and now I have diagnosed myself with all sorts. It is just small twitches, sometimes on face, arms, legs and i really felt like my knees where twitching the other night. It only started a couple of days ago and i am trying to stay calm but struggling just now. I always imagine the worse possible outcome and not sleeping and no appetite. If others have the same symptoms i guess i will be reassured but also know that i am not alone with these symptoms!

Hi don’t go on Dr Google he is a quack, fills your head with symptoms, lots of symptoms. The people in this site will tell you the same. If you do have MS worrying will make it worse. I don’t know what to do if you have a relapse only that you need to go to the doctor.


Do you definitely have MS? Only your post is unclear.

If you’ve got muscle twitching and have googled it and come up with MS, try to put that thought out of your head. See your GP and ask what s/he thinks. If there’s a possibility of a neurological problem they should refer you to a neurologist.

If on the other hand, you have definite MS and have a new symptom that manifests as muscle twitching, ask your MS nurse what s/he thinks. Is it twitching or spasms? Can s/he suggest what to do about the twitching?


Yes, I was diagnosed three years ago but I only get symptoms every so often so I tend to live in denial Then my symptoms appear and I go into panic mode that it’s not MS. Google has made me worse as twitches is not normally a symptom of MS but I had a look on hear and some people do get them so that has made me feel better. I have been standing 30 to 40 min each night trying to rock my two year old to sleep so trying to tell myself my muscles are tired and that is causing twitching. I did read as well that being anxious and stressed can cause twitching which I am extremely stressed now. So that could be making me worse!

I can can only describe them as twitches as they are small and don’t last very long. All different areas of body. I mostly notice them when I’m not busy and sitting about thinking about all of this.