MS Twitch?

Hi, I was diagnosd with RRMS last week, from MRI evidence and one severe acute ms attack in Feb this year. I had a lot of symtoms with this MS attack that carried on for a few months.

I symptom I forgot to tell the neuro is I sometimes get a few single twitches about three a day. I used to get more a day but they now less frquent. I get them in the same places generally: toes, lower back and right arm. One I get is in my right upper arm and it creates a vey minor involunary movement and lifts the inside of the right upper arm up about 1cm, this only happns once at a time.

My MS nurse visited this week and said no twitches are not a symptom of MS but spasms are. I asked her about getting a second opinion from an MS neurologist and she has now written to my GP to get a referal. Anyone else get twiches that happen once at a time? thanks xx

Hi Helebon I only had an odd twitch in my leg now and again but this happens really often now and not just with my legs but arm also, now I get a weird sensation before it happens it’s really hard to explain or describe. I had an appointment with my M.S consultant on Tuesday and I explained this to her and she advised me that was symptom of M.S and believes this is due to lesions I have in my neck. I don’t know if what I explained as twitches she understood as being spasms and that is why she said its normal for me to being experiencing them… Take care Polly x

Thanks Polly. Its really odd the symptoms I have now are twitches and a sunburn sensation on my back which gets agrivated when I lean forward when sitting. I also get occasionally a painful cramp in my left leg calf muscle at night, (may be this is MS stiffness but am not sure). My symptoms are more peripheral nervous system than central nervous sytem (CNS). Is it possible for someone with MS to have both CNS and PNS symptoms?

Went to see my GP yesterday, I asked her if twitches were a symptom of MS, she said only in ‘advanced MS’. So that leaves me thinking do I have advanced MS? How would I know if my MS is advanced? I can walk fine, had my first bout of fatigue yesterday for 20 mins - was like having the flu aches all over, then recovered.

hi helebon

my family always want a brew if i’m making one but they leave it to me to carry them through.

now because my hand is so unsteady i tell them to choose - come for it themselves or suck it out of the carpet.

carole x

A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep because of twitches/spasms in my arms. Just as I was falling asleep my arm would fly outwards a good 6 iches or so & it didnt matter how I tried to lay, it would keep happening without any control. I decided to go downstairs with a blanket & sit on a recliner chair, were it took me around 2 hours to actually get some sleep.

I have no idea if this has something to dowith MS as I have only been diagnosed for 2 months


I have had twitches and spasms and jumpy limps since MS came into my life. My MS nurse said it was due to the MS and she started me on carbamazepine and it worked a treat. Im now off it and only experience these now and again. Thankfully it didnt stay with me. HOpe you get some answers soon. There are so many weird and wonderful symptoms of MS and not everyone is the same. Best wishes Heather

i also have lots of twitches and jerks of muscles, they’re getting steadily worse. if i tell my daughter about a minor new symptom, she always seems to say that i should report it to my neuro, i say that i’ll wait till my next regular visit, which she doesn’t understand, so i have the same conversation every time… there’s no point reporting that my progressive, incurable, unstoppable condition has progressed a bit when they can’t slow it or cure it. obviously i’d report a big change or problem, but i’m just a bit fed up today about everything and i think it’s not helped by the miserable weather. i think i’ve finally managed to get an avatar onto my details, but it was really tiny so i’m not sure if it’ll look anything but silly… oh well, here goes, i bet it gets put in the ‘holding pen’ we all seem to be shoved into at the moment 'cos of the kitchen company darlings.

wendy x

Carole aka pigpen. I love your attitude! I too find humour makes such a difference and it’s easier for my family to deal with when I can joke about it too. My hand jerks too - when I’m trying to cut food on my plate and it shoots out sending a lump of food onto or near someone else’s at the table I just say “that bits for you”! Of course only to the hubby and children I don’t do that in Posh company or anything