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Hi, I have posted on this before but still unsure and struggling. I have been having muscle twitching all over for months now and still can’t get an answer or help from my GP and consultant. They say not Ms symptom bur where does that leave me? Muscle twitching mainly at rest sometimes only a couple of twitches other times they last a few minutes. They can start anywhere feet, butt, legs, back, hand, arm etc. This may not sound like much but I can’t rest as they are driving me crazy. Has anyone had this and if so what can I do or take or is it anxiety based or am I just losing my mind. Help please

Hi Andy

It sounds like maybe spasms? Is it like an electric shock type thing? Or like the muscle is contracting and relaxing in little pulses? Is it painful or only sometimes? Does it happen more or less when you use the muscles?

The trouble with so many MS symptoms is that they are really hard to describe. So what one person calls muscle twitching another might call spasms.

Or of course the doctors might be right and it’s not an MS thing. In which case, you kind of need to know what it is! It doesn’t sound to me like it’s anxiety based, or that you’re losing your mind. Sometimes it can help to really think about what it is that the muscles and the nerves controlling them are doing.

Have a look at the MS Trust info on spasms and spasticity: it might just help you to visualise what is happening and to put it into words.


Hi, thanks for such a quick reply and the advice. No pain and no electric shock feeling the muscles twitching most of the time very gently but they pulse like a heartbeat speed and sometimes I have thought that’s what it was. I don’t know if it is a spasm or twitching but it can happen when I sit or lie down. I have noticed sometimes when I stretch this can start one off in my thigh. I can twitch or spasm in places I didn’t think I had muscle. I guess I didn’t think it was a spasm as I thought spasm sounds painful or severe? The ones in my feet feel like insect is crawling under my skin and I can put my finger on it and feel the movement and see it. Not putting you off your dinner am I? Lol Thanks for taking time and sorry if this is not reading very well but sending it from my phone. Thanks again Andy

Hi, I had exactly the same when I had anxiety. As soon as I dealt with the anxiety (medication) it completely stopped. It was weird, I would be laying on the sofa watching TV and all of a sudden I would get a pulsing twitch on my thigh, then one on my buttock, then another on the back of my arm. Very strange. I think it’s just your nervous system on overdrive and anxiety makes it all worse. I didnt even realise I was suffering from anxiety until I went to the doctors!! I don’t have any twitching now at all. I’m not sure how bad your anxiety is but if its untreated then maybe see your GP. Good luck, Lisa X

I do get them not very often, they can be anywhere, and sometimes in my eyes which annoy me.

There is a discussion or was here about it. I would check your magnesium levels.

Hi Andy, i have this problem but more the electric shock kind. I can be sitting watching TV and next thing my coffee is dripping on me from the ceiling! It can be a right nightmare at times! Some are quite mild and some can be real 240 volt numbers! Mine is defo MS related as i never did this before Dx. I haven’t found anything to stop this.


A possible quick fix is eating a banana, really. It helps my spasm and I’m not a banana salesman.

Good luck

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that makes sense AB1707

magnesium is a mild laxative and a banana can help get things moving.

so they are on my shopping list.

carole x

Thanks everyone for your comments I will try your suggestions and speak to my MS nurse who I will be meeting next week for first time. I do eat bananas but not regularly so I will give it a go. Amazing what you find out on these forums, I trust your all not making a monkey out of me :-/


Magnesium in bananas too. :slight_smile:

Hi I suffer from this too mainly at night and was prescribe amitriptyline for the spasms it helps and doesn’t happen as often as it used too


We need magnesium - especially with vitd3. And some types are very laxative. Epsom Salts is magnesium!!

Magnesium Malate and Glycinate also L-Threaonate good for muscles and nerves. And best taken at bedtime to help you sleep.

You can always use the magnesium oil - and massage it into your limbs - as it is readilly absorbed into your system. l now go one further - as l suffer with diarrhoea- l put Epsom Salts in the ‘hot tub’ and it has really helped me. Can’t get into a bath - or out of one so l am thrilled that l can manage - and on my own - to get in the hot tub. Recent birthday present for my OH. lt has meant l can do without painkillers/amitriptyline/sleeping pills etc. Because the magnesium is not in my digestive system it cannot give me the ‘trots’. But for any of you with constipation then certainly take it - Magnesium Citrate or Oxide being the ones that get you going!!

Magnesium is natural - and we used to get enough in our vegetables - but commercial growing has destroyed it.