Muscle Twitching

Hi all Thanks foe letting me join the forum. I was diagnosed with rrms in August 2018 very quickly after suffering optic neuritis, then mri showed lesions on brain and spinal cord. About 6 weeks ago I had eye twitch for three days, then two weeks later twitching in different parts over body, last few nights feels like the bed is shaking, and wonder if this is an ms tremor? I have seen four Dr’s and have worried myself to the point of being admitted to a psychiatric ward due to my health anxiety. I suppose what I am worried about is motor neurone disease because I went on Dr google!! I have a neurologist appt at addenbrookes on Friday, have been crying all day. Appreciate your replies Thanks

Hi I can understand your concerns, especially after a round with Dr Google. I am absolutely no expert, but I believe that MS and MND are very different. I believe that MND doesn’t show Lesions and also doesn’t affect optic nerve etc. Given that you’ve been diagnosed with RRMS following ON and discovery of lesions, I think it’s unlikely you have MND. I would expect that these may be some form of muscle spasms your experiencing. However, I think your appointment at Addenbrokes is the absolute best place to raise your worries and have them addressed by a medical professional. All the best of luck.

Its quite normal in MS muscle twitching, also can be down to low magnesium. As i am write this my left arm muscle is twitching lol. I have a UTI it came on yesterday so i expect its brought on by that. also have had eye twitches, mouth twitches, and thigh twitches. i just ignore them now. the go when they are ready. If you had MND you would know about it hun.

You have RRMS which comes with a variety of weird things, and muscle twitch is one of them.

from WEBMD

If you have multiple sclerosis (MS), you may sometimes get muscle spasms, also called myoclonus. This is sudden jerking, quivering, or twitching of a muscle or group of muscles. You can have one episode or many in a row. And they can last as long as a few minutes.

Some types of myoclonus happen to healthy people. A hiccup or doing a double take when something startles you are common examples. But some people have myoclonus because of a health problem like MS

Hi and thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated.

Hi crazy chick Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your time. Just fretting about tomorrow!!

Hi lg1234. I think most of suffer from muscle spasms and twitches! try magnesium pills. They do seem to help. I get horrendous full blown body jerks and it feels like I am having a fit but it seems to have calmed down now thanks to the magnesium.

How did you get on with the neurologist on Friday? Hope appointment went well.

Hi Thanks for getting in touch!! Appointment went well, what I can remember of it cos was in such a high state of anxiety!! He wasn’t worried about the muscle twitching, made me strip so he could examine whole body!! Didn’t twitch, bloody typical!! He said I don’t have Mnd, that as a neurologist for 25+ years and 30,000 plus patients he has never seen anyone with both ms and mnd!! Shoukd have made me feel better but still anxious!! There were things I forgot to ask about my speech too!! Then said to my husband 'but how does he know, he’s not an MND consultant!! Hubby just said he’s a neurologist though!! So need to deal with the health anxiety now!! Thanks

Hi deb Thanks for replying, much appreciate it. Will try some magnesium, consultant didn’t want to prescribe anything as I’m already on lots of tablets for my anxiety.

How was it? Did the neuro allay your fears of MND? I hope so. xxx

Hi boudicca Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately I am still worrying!! I have messaged my ms nurse asking if I can have an emg and see the neurologist again!! Should hopefully hear back tomorrow. Not sure I’m allowed to do that directly or will have to be referred again, would have thought not?