Muscle twitching query.

Hi there. I had an mri scan last week of my head and cervical spine for which I am nervously awaiting the results. This was on the back of some crushing unprecedented fatigue I experienced for about 4 weeks which subsided 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was also suffering from bad brain fog, pain in my hands and feet as well as a stiffness all over my body.

For about two weeks of the 4, I also experienced a dizzy spell every day whilst at work at some point and on standing up it was particularly bad and when I walked the long corridor to the canteen I honestly felt like I was going to bang into the walls. This is difficult to describe but I dont think anyone would have noticed other than me. In other words I dont think it was visual to anybody else.

Now the only legacy of the episode is muscle twitching which seems to happen at rest. I get it in my left foot now but have had it in my calfs, arms and hamstrings to but now its almost exclusively in my foot.

I see a lot of reference to muscle spasms in ms which is different to twitching. To be honest I was terrified I had MND when I felt weak and its still in the back of my mind. Does anyone get muscle twitching in MS and to what extent?

Thank you.

Hi Rann123. I suffer from shaking and twitches and I also suffer from severe muscle spasms. fortunatley the muscle spasms happen mainly at night while i am in bed.

Hi Ran123,

Waiting on results is tough. Are you ok? Have you a history of similar episodes or is this all new? When did the twitching start?

I’m told (by my neuro consultant) that your nervous system can react strangely to new / sudden symptoms and actually perpetuate them, so try not to jump in your mind to something awful like MND (easier said than done).

I have similar symptoms, muscle twitches and jerks all over my body (started around Aug out of nowhere). About 3.-4 months of crushing fatigue & dizziness upon standing (comes & goes) weakness all over and a right arm that is very weak, occasionally stops working (I try to reach for things and I can’t) and it aches daily.

I had / have occasional seizures as well, but am told they could be dissociative / functional - my brains way of reacting to my sudden physical symptoms.

Im waiting on a spinal MRI and Lumbar Puncture but my original head MRI was reassuring but I’m still fairly worried it’s MS as I was fit and healthy and life was great until end Aug / start Sept.

I’ve had nearly every blood test possible so my consultant is pretty sure my condition is neurological but isn’t sure if it is MS but said it could be something called Functional Neurological Symptoms. I’m fairly sceptical about the FND as it doesn’t seem likely I have no history of injury trauma or stress, but the tests will tell us more.

Waiting isn’t easy, I hope you get results soon.

Take care

Hi muddling through hope you are ok! All this is frustrating. Not knowing what is going on is the worst!

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Hi deb.74

Yes all this unknown is very difficult especially when the symptoms imoact everyday life so dramatically.

Hope you get answers soon as well.

Thanks. I am going to see my doctor on 10th January. All of the symptoms are making sense now!

Thank you both so much. I am okish. To ne honest I have exhausted myself to the extent I cant worry anymore. My partner who has been great is now beginning to become annoyed with me being obsessed rather than waiting to find out. I have very young kids and naturally I am worried about them. At work today nothing much happened twitch wise. Im in bed just now and the end of my palms are pulsating. Earlier I felt it in my feet and also one of my knees. My mris have been a right nightmare. The 1st one i was halfway through a 20 mile drive to the hospital and they called to say it was cancelled less than an hour beforehand. I eventually got an mri a week later and then I got a call I think after I typed my initial post to say the man had ‘forgotten’ to do one of the scans and now I have to go again on Wednesday. I harboured aspirations of getting some results pre xmas but I doubt it now. All of which is adding to my angst. Im not sure if these twitches have maybe happened all my life and Ive just became obsessed with them. I wouldn’t be confident of my own name at present tbh. I feel like Im going mad.

thank you for your kind responses.

These twitches have now been going on for about 8 weeks. I have never really been very physically unwell. Im 45. Google is a terrible thing but what I experienced, the fatigue and other things did make me think I was in an episode, perhaps my first of ms. Tell me if this makes sense. 1 night and this only happened once, I came home from the football really fatigued. I had a shower as I was freezing when I got in. I lifted my left foot to wash my left calf. Although my left foot was hanging in the air, my foot sensation wise felt like it was still planted on the shower tray. I deliberately held it it mid air to see if it would subside and the feeling remained. At this point I really thought something untoward was going on and I got really anxious

Morning Ran123. Hope you are ok today! Your hospital sounds like they don’t know what they are doing. The hospital I go to is really good. They have always been very thorough with their tests and my physiotherapist is brilliant! How the hell did you lift your foot in the air?

Hi Deb. I am ok today thanks. Its beena hectic week. Today my 2 year old was a day patient for a minor op but we are home now. All went well. Its my turn for hospital tomorrow. Its difficult to describe when I lifted my calf all was normal, it was when it was in the air the sensation began. I kind of forced it back into the normal feet on the floor position and a feeling of pins and needles remained for the next ten minutes or so. It could be nothing. After attending the football, some tickets went on sale for the next big match with our local rivals and I stood in the q for a few hours which made me feel horrendous but ima loyal fan lol. It was probably the 1st baltic north of scotland night of the year so maybe I was just freezing but that on top of everything else all added up to me being concerned. Anyway mri again tomorrow and we go from there.

Take care and I hope you are well.


Hi Ran123. Good luck with the mri. I have rearrange my drs appointment to the 16th of January. I booked the first available appointment at the drs which was 10th January but that wasn’t with my usual doctor so decided to rearrange my appointment so I can see my doctor because he knows all about my condition. I hate going to the doctors but I have left it way too long I haven’t seen him since May and things have gone down hill a bit since then.