Scared like a scaredy cat


im a 33 y o male. Just been referred to a neuro “to rule out” ms.

  • overactive bladder 4 months controlled by vesicare. Severe symptoms, no leakage just general discomfort and need to wee 24/7!!

  • recently had twitching fingers left hand for 4 days, and right but right less severe

  • no twitches now, but hand trembles in certain positions and fingers wiggle if extended

  • general twitches in face, legs all over but like a nerve twitching, no movement

  • tingling on back in one spot, never moves, on and off, seems to happen with bad posture and when walking

  • no other symptoms, no fatigue, no visual issues, balance fine, Bowell fine, movement fine,

scared to death .

Every single experience I have read online on how peoples ms started seems to include numbness, fatigue and generally far more serious symptoms. Also, my doc went through all the tests, touching face, walking, eyes etc. and all fine. She said certain I’m fine but EVERY single online ms story seems to say docs assured they were fine, they wouldn’t alarm you pre dx I guess.

i feel fine, just anxious. Does anyone have or had early symptoms like me? Any thoughts?

got to wait 2 weeks for a neuro, just took time off work as I can’t face anything with this hanging over me.

Hi dizza i have the twitching fingers as well its not my bladder but bowels with me have to go with urgency.i have numbness on my left side and cannot lift my left foot and also overwhelming fatigue.waiting for my first neuro appointment so far been waiting 3 months so good luck .

I feel for you. I have been in limbo since February this year. My symptoms started with numbness and tingling down the right hand side of my body and the continued from there; lightheaded, body trembling, twitches in my right arm etc etc.i have had every blood test under the sun for possibly everything you can (all negative) I have seen the neurologist twice and he has done a few tests; reflexes, walking, been sent for brain MRI (came back clear), lumbar MRI (clear). Told off doctors in a round about way that I was imagining the symptoms. I have been put on tablets for anxiety and told to go back to see neuro in a few months time if numbness doesn’t go.

This has affected me since feb, I’ve had an awful time but the tablets have helped me deal with the anxiety and stopped worrying about my symptoms as much. I would try not to worry about everything because that’s what will make you a lot worse. I’m sure everything will be fine and giro fully you will get the answers you want once you’ve had your appointment.

Best wishes…

Thanks for the replies, so I am clearly not alone paddling in the canoe of uncertainty!

Really hope you both get answers too…I was told 3 months too but if I drive a good while away I can get quicker treatment.

i was just getting my life together post divorce and now this! Life sucks. The twitches wouldn’t bother me, or the tingling, but overactive bladder at 33 just doesn’t seem right. First gp seemed happy to stick me on tabs for the rest of life…2nd gp seemed shocked I wasn’t referred to neuro.

good luck to you both


Gut feeling is that you will be fine. I am in the same position as you and my symptoms are the same as you . Your symptoms are relatively vague and all over symptoms twitching etc could be anxiety. GPs don’t know as much as neuros, so I would wait for neuro .

Good luck I know this is hell