Twitching and/or spasms?

Hi anyone

I have lesions on my spine and brain and do not yet has a diagnosis. I’ve been told that I will have a diagnosis of MS in the near future…no DMDs as yet!!!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had twitches on the left side of face, it starts to the left of the eye and goes down to my to lip. It occasionally pulls my face up and sometime it’s just a visible twitch. I also have the same thing on my right arm and leg. Again, it sometimes results in movement of the limb, but not always. Is this something that those with MS get?

I think I’ve had a relapse prior to this as I had vertigo and tinnitus a week or so before this started to happen. I’m seeing the neurologist next week. It’s just so difficult, because I really don’t know if this is anxiety or genuine neurological damage. Any thoughts welcome. I’m also going to be pushing for DMDs and/or a lumber puncture next week!!


ah those twitches!

as an oldie i remember Jack Douglas, who used to twitch and say “phwaay!”

i used to feel like i was doing an elvis impersonation with my upper lip curled.

i was on holiday with my husband when i started knocking drinks over and generally making a nuisance of myself in public.

he was embarrassed and annoyed because i didn’t then have a diagnosis.

anyway i got even by “accidentally” aiming my next drink right at him!

make sure that you tell your neuro about this.

carole x

Since my initial CIS diagnosis (and subsequent RRMS diagnosis) I’ve had body twitches all over. Eye for about 5 weeks which went away came back and went away again. Twitches in my arms, legs, my back, stomach. Nothing sore or spasm like, just little muscle twitches that go and quick as they’ve come. I wonder if it is MS/stress related. Who knows!! But you aren’t alone x


stress is the one thing that definitely makes my symptoms go haywire.

do your best to cut it out of your life.

some people drain you with the stress they cause.

others always make you feel better.

i once read somewhere that people come in two categories.

Drains (who drain you) and radiators (who radiate well being).

carry out a cull of the drains in your life.

I’m as yet undiagnosed but do get the eye twitches. Also muscle twitches all over the body but my right arm has been twitching every few seconds for the last 3 days. Had nerve conduction tests done recently so maybe there’s some electricity still in there!

Hi I too get these twitches - they are very insignificant (for me) as they don’t cause pain or any problems to me… but since I have been in the limboland process I have definately become aware of them (just had one as writing this… apt timing!!). Have you had your neuro appointment yet? How did it go? And did you mention the twitches? My symptom that led me here was 5 weeks of on and off vertigo. Awaiting follow up MRI results and having a LP. Emma x

Hi Emma

I saw the neurologist earlier in the week. He didn’t seem overly concerned by the twitches. He stated that he wasn’t sure if the vertigo and tinnitus was a genuine relapse of if it was an exacerbation of my previous inflammation that I suffered at the end of last year. I left feeling deflated because I intended to really push for an LP and DMD’s, but felt completely shut down.

I have a lesions in my spine and in my brainstem, upward plantar reflexes and asymmetrical brisk reflexes…but no MS diagnosis. I see the neurologist again in November and he tells me that things look like it will turn out to be MS…but he doesn’t want to over or under react for now!!! REALLY!!! what I’m I supposed to do with that!!!

I’m off on holiday on Sunday and I plan to push it to the back of mind. I just have to trust the neurologist, but it’s difficult I just keep thinking, what if. I’ve heard about some horrible relapses via this forum and I can’t help but to worry. Hope things turn out better for you.


Hi Tina - wow poor you limboland continuing but the probable ms hanging over you! My lesion (s) is in the brainstem and as I said my only symptom (touch wood) was vertigo. Had my date for lumbar today (4th July) and neurologist on 3rd August… she said to me that she could not see any lesions on spine but the formal report has not been done yet. Have a lovely holiday - hope you can push this to the back of your mind to really enjoy it x