Eyelid and lip twitches?

For the past 2.5 weeks I have had a near constant upper left eyelid twitch (and this morning my bottom lid has joined in the fun occassionally) and the past few days my lip has started twitching too (very infrequently though, only once a day) BUT it’s on the right side. Am i right in thinking this makes it less likely to be possibly MS related as it’s on opposite sides? Bit of history - undiagnosed, a year ago had lots of dizziness, pins and needles and numbness in left arm and foot which cleared up with steroids BUT I had a clear MRI so was put down to CIS. 6 weeks ago dizziness started again and then this.

Hi templewater, I am new here, and still undiagnosed, but I wanted to let you know that I have been having twitching as well - although more widespread than what you’re describing. I went to see a neuro-physiatrist for an EMG, and she told me that she doesn’t even worry about facial twitching. Also, I had a neurologist tell me that 60% of medical students have eye-twitching, so it’s common and can be caused by all sorts of things - particularly fatigue and stress. I suggest you don’t google twitching as a symptom, because it brings up the worst case scenario; however, there is something called benign fasciculation syndrome that you may want to look into.

Hi Sherwin, Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you are so twitchy, that must be very annoying. I wasn’t originally googling twitching as a symptom, I was trying to find a home remedy that might work when it kept coming up! It seems to be easing off now and not happening so frequently so hopefully it is just stress or fatigue (with 4 kids aged 10 and under that is always a high possibility!).

Hi templewater

How odd - I just posted about eyelid and lip twitching and then read your post! My eye has calmed down but I have a slightly numb patch under my lip where the twitching was happening. I feel like I’ve been to the dentist.