Do I have MS?

Hi Left side of face was twitching today. Sometimes my eye(s) twitch. I’ve felt numbness/tingling in my legs. My heart usually feels tight. I’ve felt ‘hotness’ on my arms. My bladder leaks. I’ve had sharp sudden painful spasms in rectum. I have had these symptoms for 1-2 yrs now (except face twitching. That started today). I visited consultant last tuesday (10th sept) having a MRI LUMBAR SPINE on 24th September. I’m male + 41. Am I likely to be diagnosed with MS?

Hi, I’m quite new here and as yet undiagnosed so I can’t answer your question. In fact I doubt anyone but your neurologist will be able to, but it looks as if they are at least taking you seriously and doing all the tests you need to get to the bottom of your symptoms. My symptoms are very different so I can’t comment either, but I wish you well on your journey to whatever your diagnosis may be. It is very hard all this waiting so I have found chatting here helpful in the meantime.

Hi, I’m not diagnosed either. I do know from being on here that there are many things that have the same symptoms as MS. Only a neuro can say whether it is or not and it sounds like they are doing all the tests. Hope you get some answers but it can take a long time for people to get a confirmed diagnosis. Good luck with the tests.