Muscle twitches/ altered sensations


I am 18 years old and for a few months now have been getting twitches in my arms, legs and stomach. I’ve also had numbness and tingling in the left side of my face. Following this I went to A and E and got a MRI scan. This was months ago and I haven’t heard anything so im assuming that everything was ok. However, I’m completely terrified that it could be MS, and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice/ reassurance? Are these common sensations or a sign of MS?

Hi Meemee,

might be a good idea to ask your GP to find out about the MRI, then speak to you about the various symptoms you’re feeling.

Your GP might refer you to a Neurologist…he/she is the only person able to diagnose you, MS or not, after many tests as MS mimics lots of other problems. Nobody here can diagnose you or say if the symptoms are MS or not.

Best make a visit to your GP, good luck