Spasms, MS symptoms?


I’m new to this forum but I’m concerned I may have MS. Around 4 months ago I started with a weird numb/tingling feeling which started in my left forearm. It then spread to under my armpit and around left breast. This hasn’t changed, but it can be uncomfortable at times with pain/itching (no rash).
Since then, around 2 months ago I started having spasms. They start as a weird Pins and needles in my right leg then grow more intense travelling through the whole right side of my body causing my right foot and hand to spasm. My fingers curl into a claw or fist and my left leg also feels tingly. The whole thing lasts about 1-2 minutes. started every few days then increased up to 3 times a day but has now settled down following private physio gave me posture exercises.
I’ve always had poor coordination and sometimes forget words and over the past couple of years have noticed vertigo symptoms. Previously had uveitis which is often linked to autoimmune disorders. Currently very lethargic. GP did bloods (calcium borderline, otherwise no concerns). Awaiting MRI, no mention of what they suspect but no referral to neurology. I said I wondered if it was a spinal issue as when I bend my neck I feel a shock in my right foot, but the GP just disagreed. Now I’m thinking they’re suspecting MS or similar but not telling me.
Sorry for the long post, any advice or experience welcome x

There’s nothing worse than being in limbo. Yes, it’s possible that you have MS. It’s also quite possible that it’s something else. Wait until you get the results from the MRI and then go from there.

In the meantime, keep posting on here. We can answer questions or just provide support. The waiting is h*ll.

Thank you @NorasMom, it’s just nice to feel listened to.
I’ll be receiving a phone call from a GP today (hopefully a more helpful one than gave me the Blood results) so going to ask what they’re thinking and push for a neurology referral. I understand it might be a long road to getting some answers via NHS!