MS without balance and sight problems?


About four weeks ago I started getting electric shock type pains, mostly in my legs and arms, and after a week of having this I lost the strength in both hands (left worse than right), meaning I can close my hands but cannot squeeze. I developed a numb patch on the back of my left hand, the top of my left foot (also feels like an elastic band around my ankle), around the right side of my mouth, the right side of my eye, and the right side of my neck. My legs and arms are weaker, though not drastically. I’m still getting the electric pains aswell as burning, stabbing pains. Last night my left hand was shaking like mad and having trouble cutting up my dinner and getting it on the fork! Bloods tests have ruled out any virus or mineral defeciencies. GP thinks MS is possible. Just seen the Neuro, my balance and sight is ok, but he wants me to go for a brain/spine MRI. I also have brisk relfexes. He just said he doesn’t think I have something 'terribly nasty* but wouldnt particulary say anything one way or the other.

I guess my question is, is there anybody who has had the same symptoms as me, and has been diagnosed with MS? I know MS presents itself differently in everyone, but does this sound like possible MS or could it be something else or nothing much at all?

Any answers really appreciated! Thank you for your time.

Hi Bunnymitford My symptoms were very similar to yours when I first went to my G.P. I had alot of numbness in my left side and shooting pains through my arms,neck and legs. My G.P said he would refer me to neurology but advised it could take up to 12 weeks. I went back the following week as my arms and legs started to tremor to the point I couldnt do very much due to me shaking. I didnt have anything wrong with my sight or balance when I was sent over to A&E when my G.P checked me over. The hospital gave me an MRI of brain/spine and lumber puncture they all showed signs of M.S. I have since had some balance, dizziness problems but these werent a symptom when I first realised something wasnt right. I hope you get you MRI soon so you can get to bottom of whats wrong. Take care, Polly xx

From what I have read when MS first hits there is only leg effected or one side numb etc. If there are multiple issues in completely different areas of the body then MS is less likely.

Moyna xxx