Does anyone else get these symptoms?

Everyone, I should start by saying I’m not diagnosed yet; waiting to see neurologist. Gp thinks it could be ms.
I’m just struggling to make sense of what’s happening to my body, its bizarre. I’ve been having what I’ll call an episode for about a month but, the other day I started to get these painful burning Electric shock pains; mostly in my arm/arm pit. It doesn’t last long but if really does hurt. Also I was in the shower a few days ago and i touched my upper arm and it was excruciating, I couldn’t understand why as I hadn’t knocked it.
I touched it a few times and it was honestly almost unbearable. It went away after about 20mins but honestly its just all so bizarre. Does anyone here ever get those symptoms?? I feel like I’m going crazy with all these symptoms.

Hi Patch…is this your only symptom? If so I think it was a bit rash for your GP to mention MS.

It could be any number of things…ie maybe a trapped nerve.

By all means, go for the neuro appointment and let him/her make their decisions.

Hi thank you for your reply.
No unfortunately its not my only symptom. I’ve had partial numbness, pins and needles and tingling in my face, arm, hand, legs and feet. Mostly on my left side but sometimes the right, and trouble with the water works. Ive had a few blood tests to rule out a number of other things so on to the neurologist I go.
The symptoms in the post are just new and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced them x