Electric shock type feeling?

Hi everyone I hope everyone is ok. I haven’t posted in a little while, was feeling alot better bar a few niggling things so have been making the most of my nearly symptom free time. However now i am experiencing something i have never had before and its driving me mad. I have been having electric shock type feelings in my right leg and foot. It is not constant but happen maybe between 5-10 times a day. Nothing i do eases the pain. The pain is mainly in my foot but sometimes my leg it feels like i am being shocked over and over. A few days ago my hands were really painful aswell (mainly my right) it felt like the feeling you get when you have a sensitive tooth. It was so bad it took me over half an hour to eat my dinner because picking up the fork was so painful and made it worse. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have my neuro appointment on the 5th Sept, so its not too long to wait, but do you think I should go to my GP about this? Not sure if it is unrelated to my other symptoms. Thanks Claudette

Electric shocks are pretty common in MS. I’m not sure if I’d bother seeing my GP if I were you, simply because I bet all that he/she would say is “tell your neuro”, but I’m not experiencing what you’re experiencing so if you’re worried at all, you should see your GP.

Definitely tell your neuro too.

Karen x

Hi - I get this. Whizzing through my head with a zing or ping like sound, in my spine and down my arm. Very unpleasant indeed. I’ve been given drugs to combat it - they seem to be working ok but I’m quite spaced out so not sure what’s worse tbh! I wouldn’t bother reporting until an appointment unless you want to be prescribed something to take the edge off. Pretty sure it will all be part of the neurological package you have to deal with sadly : (