Electric shocks/spasms in my hands

Hi there

anyone else have these pescy electic shocks/spasms in their hands, I’ve been having these for around 6 months, some days it’s worse than others and some times I think it has gone away, only for it to return 10 times worse, I really do not want to take any more drugs especially as one of my drugs is causing problems with ALT levels at the moment.

It can be a nuisance when using the keyboard and kindle, also one shock made me loose a dish

Also as this is yet another ‘invisible symptom’, how do you explain to people and do you even bother! As some of my friends/family don’t appear to belive me.

Thanks for any advice.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

Yeah, I get these - like hitting your funny bone - the zaps go into my fingers. But for me, they’re only associated with certain very specific movements. Turning a tap will do it; miming turning a tap will not! So apparently, in my case, it’s not just the movement, but there has to be some resistance to the movement, so I’m applying force. Hence just acting it out doesn’t do anything.

I’ve never requested any treatment for it - but as it’s effectively limited mostly to tap-turning, it doesn’t seem as annoying or debilitating as yours.

Perhaps I have a bit of a cavalier attitude, but I don’t even bother trying to explain most of my symptoms to people - unless it’s my neuro, in which case I try to explain as accurately as possible. I don’t even tell folks most stuff, because it’s like trying to describe a colour they’ve never seen.

Don’t get me wrong - I will talk quite openly about MS if somebody is curious, and wanting to know. I just won’t feel under any obligation to try to explain everything to everyone - I don’t think it’s necessary, or always helpful. It’s my problem, and I’ve got to live with it, so I don’t find giving people a blow-by-blow account of things that won’t make any sense to them particularly useful. I do find it rather bizarre that if you do tell, you’re not believed, though - especially by friends and family. It’s not as if they don’t know you’re ill, and that it causes weird stuff. Why would they suspect you of making it up? Is it more the case they don’t understand, rather than don’t believe?



Thanks Tina very wise words

Wendy x

Hello Wendy. Yes I get electric shock type feelings in my hands, particularly the finger tips. I’ve just been diagnosed in august. I also getting buzzing feeling in my legs. Not actually mentioned it to gp/neuro yet…not sure why I haven’t. Probably just forget to, my memory is rubbish. It does feel really strange though…really should write things down. Close friends and family on my husbands side are great. Not told any of my family apart from my two children…will do one day. I would be happy to explain if someone asked me otherwise I’m not really bothered. All the best, Noreen

Hello there Noreen, thank you for the reply and welcome to the club, or rather commisserations on the diagnosis.

I get the buzzing in the legs too, I was too scared to tell my Neuro about some of the symptoms when I was first dxd. These days I try to ignore them if I can, unless they stop me from typing or dropping things then I just swear. Oh and as for the memory. coincidentally I have also posted a thread about that very same thing.

Take care

Wendy x

Hi Wendy I also get these shock feelings in my arms and also my neck with certain movements, the pain goes right up my head, causing me to become dizzy and nauseous. On my last visit to my consultant I mentioned this as it was becoming unbearable and was a new symptom for me.I was advised to take more of the Gabapentin that I was already prescribed and sent for another MRI. I am awaiting my results just now. More meds have slightly helped but I am going to bring it up again with my consultant as still get the pains regularly. When I met people they only think its my mobility thats affected as its obvious when you see me I have problems with my legs but with family,friends and workmates I have explained how else Im affected as often with the shock sensations I get it makes me dizzy and confused and I wanted them really to understand this is reason I may forgot words or simple things Im doing. Take care Polly x

I have been putting up with this for about four years and decided enough was enough. I had been getting acupuncture through my surgery but this was cut due to financial cutbacks as the NHS withdrew a couple of the physios. To cut a short story long I pushed for a scan and they carried out an MRI which showed deterioration at the top of the spine which was causing the nerves to get pinched with certain movements. Apparently it had been caused by a change of posture due to years of the use of walking sticks and the deterioration of core strength which changes the stance and subsequently the spinal position. The pain which shot down my shoulder, arm and hand is excruciating and it is at a point where I can no longer stand it. I liken it to someone giving you an electric shock and then pouring water on to the current. I am hopeful that they may be able to treat it by putting “spacers” between the vertebrae which will release the nerves but it is risky and they are not too keen to do it. I am desperate enough to try anything so am pushing for them to carry out the op. Might be worth you looking into it if you feel the pain is too much to go on with. Good luck. Gary

Hi Polly

Thank you for your reply, I think you’ll find the sharp pains in the neck is l’hermitte’s, I get this too. I take Gabapentin for nerve pain in my feet and have increased the doses twice and still have buring feet. I find my family don’t want to listen to my symptoms, (other than husband and daughter), so don’t tell them any more. (I think Tina is right about this).

You take care too.

Wendy x

Hi Gary

Now I know something of these shooting pains down the shoulders and arms, mine was caused by frozen shoulders and has left my shoulders weak, excrutiating, not the same as yours as I was told it was not MS but I realised myself that I had put to much pressure on my shoulders whilst using 1 stick, I now use 2. (Not sure that MS didn’t play a part in this though)

I do have problems with neck, shoulders and upper body strength though and have been given some physio tailored to me which should also strengthen the core.

Thank you for your reply and I hope you can get some help for this pain, it’s a shame about the acupuncture. We still have tai chi and a pain clinic in our area, how long before it gets cut, who knows?

Wendy x

Yes. I get electric shock and stabbing sensations in both hands and sensitive to any touch or change in temperature. I’ve had this for two years now, sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t use either hand at all or bear to have anything touch my hands. Am taking Lyrica and Amitriptaline which takes the edge off but I still wake at night with the pain. Also get burning sensation on my thighs and feet but this comes and goes and doesn’t cause intense pain, but more like sunburn. I think there is a cream you can get to put on your skin made from chilli which helps some people and might be worth trying if you don’t want to take any more drugs. I hope this helps. : )

Hi I have been under investigation for nearly two years now my symptoms started back in about 2012 but I only went to the doctor in 2016 as I thought it was sciatica but then the symptoms got worse and more of them it started with pins and needles in my right leg and a lot of pain I now have this in arms and hands as well very sore hands severe spasms in my legs, twitches,electric shocks sensation in my head and total exhaustion all the time could sleep the clock round blurred vision sometimes and great difficulty getting out of bed or off the sofa,my leg feels sore heavy at times that I can hardly lift it up to walk, I use a crutch all the time as the leg is very painful and I have a lot of falls. I had all the tests for MS brain scan evoked responses lumbar puncture etc the brain scan came back as white matter the lumbar puncture came back as good evidence against MS which was great but yet they still don’t know what is wrong with me and I’m still under investigation. I’m on a lot of medication but am still in chronic pain I take 3x300mgs gabapentin 50mgs x1 anatriplin 3 x 10mgs bacoflen plus paracetamol 6 to 8 a day also on morphine patches 20mgs, anyone any advice what this might be thanks.