Finger spasms

I’ve recently had some investigations on the stiffness and slow movement in my right hand, mainly affecting my index finger. The conclusion, surprise surprise, was that it’s the MS. Now my finger has started spasming and I wondered if anyone else has this and if there’s anything you do to stop it or control it? I’m an artist and although this seems like a very minor symptom it’s impact on my work could be considerable so any help or advice would be very gratefully received!

Many thanks

Becky x

hi becky

i get spasms in my hands, they won’t let go of things.

i’ll go to hand someone a drink and can’t let go.

my hands have to be peeled off the steering wheel.

have you tried magnesium oil?

works a treat on my legs and feet.

don’t let it stop you painting.

carole x

Thanks Carole, sorry to hear about your spasms. I’ve had them in the hands before but only usually if I’m running a temperature or very stressed out, never had it in just my finger!

Thanks for the suggestion of the Magnesium oil. I do have some that I bought for leg spasms at night but my GP prescribed Clonazepam so I never got round to using it. Will give it a try, I’m in the middle of painting a huge mural in my son’s school library so need to keep it together!

Hope you’re keeping well

Becky x

hi becky

i’m fine, quite well actually but i’ve been busy all day and now i’m knackered!

hope your index finger is behaving and you can do the mural to your satisfaction.

laughing to myself thinking that i’d choose the middle finger to have spasms then i could make a rude gesture but couldn’t help it - it was just a spasm!!

carole x

Ah, the joys of feeling well and overdoing it. Liking the middle finger idea, I may have to incorporate it, like kicking my husband and blaming the leg spasms! xxx

and spilling your drink over the person who has been bugging you all day, can’t be helped it’s a spasm!!