Fingers moving by themselves!!!

Hiya all, amongst many other things haha I’ve had twitches, muscle fascinations, and jerks etc but the involuntary movements tend to be quick jerks of the foot/leg/hand/arm etc. The only repetitive one has been in my abdomen which kinda pulls my left thigh up. Today my hand literally took on a mind of its own! My left thumb had been bubbling with muscle fascinations for a little while and then the pointing finger started moving side to side and trembling. It felt, not painful exactly, but like it was straining and ached. It was very unnerving. Is this normal for ms? Does anyone else have this :pleading_face: I feel like I don’t know my own body anymore :sob:

I think I experience the same it’s my index finger and thumb that do it. To me it feels a bit like a squeezing sensation or like it’s been locked into position. I can move them albeit they are stiff and they like to go on a wobble if held in position. I am undiagnosed however so can’t 100% say it’s a MS thing. I can defo relate though!

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