hands locking


recently my hands have started locking, usually when driving and especially when in a traffic jam.

i also get a lot of cramp in my feet and calves.

unpleasant sensation and worrying because i dont want to end up with arthritis as well as ms

so now i’m just hoping its the ms.

carole x

I just started getting this in legs last week so ive dug out the thermal leggings and also started taking magnesium again as ive been a bit lax with it. It seems to have sorted for the time being. I rub legs with um magnesium oil to. I think the change in temp and a virus has kicked it off for me xxx

thanks jen and zoe

i wear men’s long johns under my jeans (for that sexy look!)

will have to get some gloves now.

i have my car heater on full pelt until my ms aversion to heat kicks in, then its air con!

in my younger days i used to do bar work and having damp hands, holding pints of beer, my hands would lock and sometimes i’d hold the glass out, the customer would reach for it and then say “LET GO!” ha ha ah!!

carole x