Mr floppy hands

Hello everyone. I must say that despite having MS for over 20 years, the occasional suprtise hits me. Today it was gloves. The inner gloves on my mega gloves became tangled whilst at the doctor’s’ getting my flu jab. Two health visitors and I tried and failed, leaving me to go home on my scooter looking like Mr Floppy Hands. Mittens the obvious way ahead! Best wishes.

Sounds like a right palarver Steve! For what it’s worth, I find gloves a big ordeal. I’ve become very cold intolerant this past couple of years, and glove work is very problematic for me. I avoid lycra ones like the plague!

Yes, we popped into town yesterday as we were allowed to leave work early so did our usual and popped to Pret for a latte. I tried to tear the tops off a couple of packets of sugar to go in my coffee and just couldn’t do it, just paper FFS! I had to tear them individually and I was so shocked/horrified at… well, I’m not even sure if it was a lack of dexterity or weakness, or a bit of both. But quite pathetic whichever way you cut it (I was embarrassed enough that I didn’t comment to my husband about it!)

Such a small thing but that’s what MS seems to do, I don’t rely on myself anymore!?!

I bought new gloves a few weeks ago and was quite happy to buy a pair that aren’t too snug, as I did realise that it could be a problem!

Steve, I hope you find some nice mittens :wink:

Sonia x