Hands and Fingers

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good, or as good as it can be.

My hands ache a lot and it seems to be affecting my arms now as well, i have felt this before but it has not lasted but this time it seems to be here to stay.

Anyone out there experienced the same and is there a way of getting some relief from the aches, i am having to type this very slowly and with one hand and my fingers don’t want to play either, well not on my right hand at least.

Also struggle picking things up and drop things on a regular basis now.

I currently take 600mg of pregabalin, 20mg Baclofen and statins like they are going out of fashion since i had my stroke.

Is there no end to what this MS monster can throw at us, i know i am bleating on and i know it could be a lot worse for me but it does make you think where does it end. DON’T ANSWER THAT !!

On a positive note i should get my first wheelchair in a couple of weeks, so that be a releive when we go out.

I would appreciate any advice you could give to me, take care

Mark xx

Hi Mark, no there seems no end to the sh*t that MS can throw at us!

Sorry to hear your hands and arms are painful. I also drop things all the bloody time… but luckily mine rarely hurt. My fingers like to do a little jig on regular basis, but again no pain.

I’m wondering if a change in med’s might help. Maybe try Amitriptyline?

Are you seeing neuro any time soon? If not, can you contact MS nurse? If so I think you should and ask if they think change in med’s might help.

I’m also waiting for wheelchair. I asked my doctor for referal 2 months ago and phoned the surgery the other day only to find out that they had ‘forgotten’ to do the referal. Anyway they’ve done it now so here’s hoping!

Glad to see you on here Mark and hope, despite the pain, that you’re doing ok.

Take care,

Pat x

Thanks pat or should I say snow leopard I am due to see neuro in June but will perhaps give my MS nurse a call and see if she can help any. Perhapsmy meds do need looking at. Hope you get your wheelchair sorted out soon Pat it is a relief for me knowing that it is all sorted. Just trying to sort out my wet room what a performance!!

take care

Mark x

Got my wheelchair letter today Mark!

Have to call them Monday and they will see if they can do the assessment over the phone.

I need it for trips out when I can’t use mob scooter & I take a taxi.

I’m going to try to visit art galleries and museums. I’m in London. I can get cheap taxi’s on disabled scheme. I’ll have a wheelchair. NO excuses!!!

Pat x

Hi mark and johanne its julie from leicestershire my husband went hospital to see another neurologist he said his mri brain scan looked like ms but started to say alarm bells are ringing because of his symptoms he wants to run more blood tests mri spine and lumber puncture he said he was worrying about devics syndrome .My husband had really bad tremor in church at nieces funeral on friday she was only 36 yrs old big shock to his family.There are some really good wheelchairs on the market we have been looking at them also.Husband is still managing to get around at the momment though but will need to get one as some stage.xxx julie

Julie… much better to get a wheelchair through the NHS. Means that they will maintain it, give it an annual check and replace it when need be.

See your GP for referal.

It’s manual wheelchairs only though… they don’t supply power chairs (as far as I know… I could be wrong).

Very sorry to hear about your niece.

Pat x

The NHS do supply power chairs. I had one delivered January for indoor use but it can be used outdoors, after an eye test. I got my chair through physio team. And I am waiting for ramp so I can get the chair outside

Thanks Eileen… that’s good to know.

Hope you get your ramp soon.

I’ve got appointment on May 1st with wheelchair services… except they are now called ‘Mobility and Seating Solution Services’! Bit of a mouthful and really what does it mean?

It’s like where I live we used to have ‘care assistants’… then they became ‘life skills assistants’ (what on earth does that really mean?) then they got rid of them all together… went with ‘the cuts’!

Sorry… slightly off subject there… I need a manual for now but good to know they provide power chairs too.

Pat x

Mark speak to the MS nurse as it is along time for your neuro appointment . I tend to use my left hand more and more on the PC AND i NEED MORE PAIN RELIEF DUE TO MY HAND oops and i KEEP PUTTING caps lock on when I dont mean to grrrrrrr I also use fat handled knife and fork to eat mind out for prices of the cutlery checked online andd managed to obtain much and I mean much less expensive from local mobility shop. I am sure some people see disabled people as cash cows but our local shop ordered them in and just added small amount to cover his costs he reconed they were too expensive to start. Spasms when I am eating seem better with these fat handled cutlery it is a bit heavier. Good luck with it all, I had my wetroom two years ago and I love it. As for wheelchair speak to doctor ASAP it makes life almost bearable. Don

Pat glad to hear you are sorting a wheelchair. XX

Hi everyone, I am sorry to hear about your niece Julie, I got referred by my GP for my wheelchair. I will have a word with my MS nurse about my hands and arms.

Well the weather is improving, next weekend should be good, we can lunch outside, what a treat that would be.

Hope you all have a good week, only three more working days before the weekend.

Take care, Time for bed, lv Mark x