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hi folks, need some advise, over the past few months my hands and arms are becoming so heavy and hard to use, i try to exercise daily but this is becoming so hard to accomplish and my core strength has dropped terribly. i have always had the use of my arms and a slight sensation in my hands since my diagnosis 10 years ago, my main issues have always been my legs which is why i am now in a wheelchair. to be honest i’m scared that i’m losing my arms and hands functions, do you have any encouraging tips etc.


Hello Paul,

This dreadful condition gets us in so many ways. Sometimes certain symptoms just have a brief “stay” on me, such as tingling down the left arm or spasms in odd places. If you feel that your arms are beginning to feel weak then it might be an idea to be more discerning in how you use them. It’s not so much an admission of defeat to the beast, more of a prudent approach to enable you to get the maximum use within your current capabilities.

I was devastated when I realised that my daily swim was becoming increasingly impossible 20 years ago. But to use a hackneyed old phrase, it pays to box clever. (And perhaps talk to your MS nurse.) Hopefully others will have much more useful advice than me and a good search of this site could be helpful.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Paul as Steve said box clever rest them up a bit, have you got any other symptoms that may be affecting them ie the usual urine infection constipation New tablets etc?

I ain’t got any ideas but wish you luck with it.


thanks guys for your words, will indeed box more cleverly and seek ms nurses advice



Hi Paul,

Just wrote you a long reply about problems with hands and arms…just looked back and noticed it vanished after I’d pressed post. Forgive me but I’m really knackered so will just say that over the last two years I have had lots of problems with my hands and arms…which have all been helped by resting them totally…if this doesn’t help at all I would think it best to see your nurse or neuro.

best wishes,

Nina x

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