Arms and Hands

Good morning to all

Hope you are as well as you can be, a bit of advice please?

I have a numbness in my arms and hands, i tend to knock things over and also drop things.

Is this the norm for ms, i have had and do have numbness in my legs and feet.

Being at work full time is becoming a bit of a problem but the bills need paying,we all have bills i know.

Bit down today as the pain is getting me down, i know we all have similar problems just wish we did’t, i i know it is a silly thing to say but heh oh.

Hi Mick

Yes, it is normal in ms for numbness, pins and needles, pain etc to

affect any part of your body, and it can be an utter nightmare.

There are some meds that can help with this neuropathic problem,

might be worth having a word with your neuro, gp or ms nurse, all of

whom should be able to advise you, I take amytriptyline.

With regard to finances, if you have not already applied for DLA this

would be one to do asap. CAB will help with forms if you have any difficulty.

Pam x

Thanks Pam

I thought i was going mad but you have put my mind to rest, thanks. I will try my GP first he is very good ( s good listener).

I have just been awarded my DLA, i forgot, damn memory? my mind is a muddle.

Thanks and take care

Mark xx

Hi Mark, agree with Pam…‘normal for MS’.

I’m also on amitriptyline and, like Pam, it does help.

Pat x

Hi Mark

Yes my hands do go numb and pins neddles in legs l drop things as well as if the hand will not hold things any more getting harder to hold walking stick with right hand Take care keep warm regards Jan

Thanks guys it is always good to chat and find out that you are “normal”. I will give it a week or so and then see how it is . Do any of you go light headed as I seem to be getting this as well lately.

Mark x

Mark I’m always having problems with being light-headed. It’s either spinning dizziness or being light-headed. Sometimes I actually get a swooosh sensation in my head and have to hang onto to something as it throws me off balance.

MS eh? Who’d 'ave it!!!

Pat x