Help!; Left arm and hand getting worse and worse..any tips?;

Worse as in it is a real effort to wave with my left hand, let alone hold anything with it for a reasonable length of time. Quite embarassing as my wave has now morphed into a sort of camp nazi salute, and I’m sure there’s folk out there who think I must be taking the p**s. Any drugs and/or therapies out there that could help? Or is this just another stage of the downward curve that I need to accept and live with? Grrrrr! Many thanks in advance of any help.

Hi Clucker Pigeon… NO don’t accept it.

Go to your GP and ask for a referal to physio. It’s worth seeing if there’s some exercise that would help… also I know that generally we know when it’s an MS thing, but it’s worth getting it checked out just in case there’s something else going on.

Good luck… and remember that even with PPMS things can come and then go again.

Pat x

Oh Clucker Pigeon, I’m with Pat, don’t give up!

I am a bit numb on my thumb/forefinger of my left hand too. It doesn’t generally bother me but the last couple of days I’ve been getting those hot needle jabs in my thumb joint, I almost dropped a glass of orange juice down myself in the pub at lunchtime today. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that now but hoping that it passes!

I don’t have much to add really, just wanted to say I feel your pain on that one and thank you for making me giggle (hope it’s ok to admit that) with the way you worded your post - we have to laugh tho, or we’d go crackers!!!

Sonia x


Ask for physio, it may help, but don’t just accept it.

PAm x

My left leg feels very heavy why? Thanks all Rahma xx

Hi Rahma, I’m sorry to say it’s a common symptom with MS. It’s because MS mucks about with the messages from your brain so you get ‘altered sensation’. It’s the same reason why you get numbness, pins & needles, burning sensations & buzzing.

But don’t forget, as I said to Clucker Pigeon, even with PPMS, problems like this can come and go. So it’s possible that your leg will start to feel normal again at some point… hope so.

Are you new on here? Don’t think I’ve seen you before. If so… welcome to the gang!

Take care and have a good weekend,

Pat x

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. Physio is a really good idea as it’s a chance to analyse your current capabilities and find ways round any problems with strength and motor control. My left side has deteriorated gradually over the last twenty years. Scratching an ear with my left hand is a rather random procedure as it seems to please itself. However, despite this It is a very useful “tool” and it is always used! The left leg likewise. In the early days of teaching when I knew about the MS, I was inspired by a little boy called Nathan who had Cereberal Palsy. He was only to pleased to show me how useful his “helping side” was in getting things done and made. Never give in, it will always have a use! Best wishes, Steve. (sorry my return key doesn’t work.)

Often it seems that with physio things are not getting better but without it things could get worse. It enables us to tread water and not get a lot worse. It’s definitely worth doing! Teresa xx

…Me too Steve. Return key does not work when making posts on this forum. No problem anywhere else. Not sure if site admin are aware?

[quote=“RE”] My left leg feels very heavy why? Thanks all Rahma xx [/quote] Hi Rahma, I thought you said you had RRMS? :slight_smile: