Hi People how you doing in the hot sun.

Can any one tell me if this is ms or my age, My right hand has lost some of its feeling and the little finger has started to curl in to the palm l can not strech it out any more dr said speak to the ms nurce or tell the consultant next time l see him next year.l do keep trying to move it.

regards Jan xx

Hi Jan

I have a problem with my hands, but the opposite to you. Some of my

fingers are so stiff I cant get them to bend. I would think quite possibly

its down to ms, just another weird wonder in msland.

Dont like to complain, but I shall be glad when it cools down.


Hi Jan, yeah I think it’s MS. I don’t lose feeling but my fingers try to curl in, esp in evening. Told neuro and in the letter following appointment he wrote that my hands were ‘clawing when tired’.

Yours sounds much worse though. I would contact MS nurse if I were you and not wait for next year. Might be something that can help. Maybe physio?


Take care hon,

Pat x

Thanks guys l will give her a ring to see if l can get in sooner. Its cooled down a little here better for sleeping untill a house alarm went of at 6am and went on for a hour take care

regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, did you have visions of killing them or tearing the alarm off the blo*dy wall?

I sometimes get car alarms going off outside in middle of night. Honestly, if I had a gun I would now be serving life in Holloway.

Hot Hot Hot…

Love to all,

Pat x