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Hi All

Hope you’re all well. Haven’t posted for a while as life has been very up and down but, anyhow, here I am and wanting to know any advice you might have about maintaining/improving strength and mobility in your hands?

My left hand seems to be getting worse. Beyond ‘squeegy balls’, which I’ve tried with minimal success, anyone have any tips for making things better?

Cheers, CP.

p.s; anyone listen to Radio 2 this lunchtime about wacky backy/MS? Boy, could I do with some ‘brownies’…



No particular answers for you yet, beyond the obvious things likes your squeegees. However, I saw my rehab neurologist a couple of weeks ago and he suggested a hand therapy clinic. Coincidentally, this morning a letter arrived from my ms nurse with contact details for the hand clinic in MK hospital. I’ve often seen it, actually, because it is in the physiotherapist dept. And it is a drop-in clinic, so I can just go any time, as I understand it.

i’ll report back if I get anything useful out of it.


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Hi CP it’s good to see you back, hope everything’s okay. All I can suggest is that you keep stretching your hands and fingers and try handling all different things like pens, cutlery, small objects like paper clips etc, so that you’re using all the muscles and fingers, so you keep all of your ranges of movement in all parts of your hands. I don’t know if you’re aware but you can buy cutlery with big handles if your coordination is affected. I recently bought some for dad on eBay and he’s finding them really handy, was struggling with normal ones.

Take care.

Cath x

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Hi - I was told to sit with a length of string, whilst watching TV, and tie knots in it and then untie them. Still have good intentions, but not tried it yet. Good luck .


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