disability in hands

Hi, When I used to think of ms I used to think of walking difficulties and wheelchairs. I never thought about problems with my hands and how to try and overcome these problems. My hands are stiff and painful and throb. I struggle from the moment I wake up. Just trying to rub your eyes with stiff fingers. Then the problems of washing. Turning on taps, can’t hold soap. Can’t do shoelaces. Small buttons, zips etc. The list is endless. I have difficulty holding a knife and fork so I feel very self conscience about eating out. I struggle with money , writing and typing. Mt walking and balance isn’t good but at the moment my hands feel too painful to use a stick. Any suggestions? Also I am barely managing at work. I get away with a lot cos most of the time I work alone. My boss does want me out but not cos he cares. I stood up to him on holiday entitlement, minimum wage, minimum temp, Any suggestions on career opportunities? And as a final straw I get terrible brain fog. Think I could be good at snoozing on a cruise ship. Would love to think I’d be good at lazing in the heat of the sun on a beach but can’t take the heat at all now so I’d be rubbish at that too.

I have problems with my hands too. Although not pretty the hand therapy centre at my hospital gave me some foam cutlery sleeves to make the cutlery less painful. Same with pen sleeves. You can also get dragon dictation tool for the PC, iPad and iPhone (I don’t know about other phones). I’m afraid I haven’t got over the problem with the walking stick but I think I read somewhere about foam pads again. My hands are worse first thing in the morning and in the evenings, and I was given exercises to do.

I have problems with grip and fine movement (due to weakness), but no pain or stiffness, so I’m not sure if that is common with MS? Do you think it could be a bit of arthritis Anon? Might be worth trying an anti-inflammatory and if that works going to see GP. I know that doesn’t help with the rest but it may make it easier to manage.

I’m looking for a vacancy as a bed tester, if I see anything I’ll let you know!

Mags ;-D xx

hi anon

my hands are fairly cr*ppy or spazzy as i call them.

but i have found that painting is different to writing. i call it my therapy.

also i really wanted to bake a cake because i watch the tv chefs and they have had some really yummy looking recipes.

started to think well i can’t bake because of my hands. then remembered how bad my mum’s hands were and she still baked but couldn’t be without her electric whisk.

i saw one in tesco for £15 and bought it. now i’ll be piling weight on because so far this week i’ve made a lemon drizzle cake and today i made a beetroot cake with orange zest icing.

so goodnight from a soon to be fat and happy carole xx

Perhaps you should see your GP and get some bloods done. You could have RA or arthritis alongside your MS, its quite common sadly.

It sounds like you need some sort of physio to help your stiffness. Also maybe take a cod liver oil tablet get some oil from the inside lol to oil those joints.

The trouble is with so many symptoms we get with MS its not always the MS causing them.

Sadly brain fog is the pits. I get that bad and it can be scary too. I do puzzles and things on the Internet to keep my brain active, but sometimes the fog just comes down with now warning sound …

As to heat poo me too. What a pair lol. Heat sensitivity was one of my first main symptoms.

Anyway I would get yourself checked with GP if you havent already.

Hi, thanks . I will get on to the dr in the new year. The brain fog is terrible. When I’m tired I can even forget how to tell the time, day of week or anything. I used to take cod liver oil with oil of evening primrose and that sounds like a good idea to try that one again. Thanks for jogging the old memory of that. Kids would definitely approve of the baking. I’ve got a few days off over christmas , they’d love that. Thanks, and have a happy xmas