Hands up !

Hands up all those that are just fed up with the day to day living with MS, interrupted sleeps ,pain , forgetful ness . That person who asks how you are but before you finish they’re telling you all of their woe’s . Not knowing if today as you do the Big shop you’re not gonna mess yourself as you wait in line at the checkout cause your meds have a wonderful sense of humour . Oh oops look at silly me I’ve went and dropped something again and made a mess . I’m trying really hard to find the word that will make this sentence make sense ( no ive not been drinking, though i wish the F i had ) . Im going to go to the Kitchen to? Why did i go to the Kitchen ? The Bath !!! just making it to turn the taps off . Just a wee respite for just a wee while ,is that too much to ask . I need to sit down. i need to sleep. The Phone rings " hey how you doing"? We all respond with IM Fine ! Resenting words of wisdom , the advice of those who mean well , Our deepest darkest thoughts and fears constantly milling over in our minds as there are no real answers . Just that smile of confidence as we grasp onto the latest piece of research news in hope that progress is really being made . Then forgetting everything we just read as we concentrate on picking the next tune on itunes so we can get the washing done for the day. Och its no that bad its only MS.

My hands are up!



i’m always susceptible to an ear worm.

“put your hands up” by reef.

and yes i’m bloody fed up with ms and all its shenaninigans.


i agree with what jackie said BUT can i raise my left hand twice as the right side of my body does very little.

ellie who has no idea what itunes is/are!

my hands up