Fed up

Hello everyone!

I need to have a little rant :frowning: I am fed up with some people around me, it is mainly there lack of understanding about how tired I get and I always get challenged and they say thats not MS I take gabapentin too and that makes me tired so I am on the same level… Sorry I get abit angry inside with the lack of understanding of it all…

Sorry everyone I am sure you have been though the same so I would like to hear your thoughts x

Hello there,and I hope the weather is picking up a bit for you.When I’ve tried to explain my fatigue,I have sometimes said,“Remember your worst ever hangover and how tired you were,welcome to my world,and I haven’t touched a drop”.

If anybody says that they’ve never had a hangover tell them to try and stay awake for 24 hours,then clean the whole house.

Wb x

Hey Moogle - great name. I’m with you on this one. Lack of understanding re fatigue. It’s so annoying. Invisible symptoms are just so invisible. ! I really haven’t worked out how to help my husband understand that I’m so damned tired when reslly with a normal non ms body I shouldn’t be. If that makes sense. So sorry no answer just understanding Hugs Min xx


I know exactly what you mean about people not understanding. They just say ‘Oh I’m tired all the time too!’

My hospital does a course to help deal with fatigue and it explains the different types of fatigue we get (yes there are different types). The MS society does a little booklet about fatigue which is good and you can show it to the people you’re close to so that they can understand it a bit more. I got it and gave it to my partner and family to have a look at and they became more understanding once they’d read it. It may be worth trying that.



we have to concentrate on the slightest thing, like standing up without falling

the signals don’t get through and that takes more energy for us

its just total pants

Hi, last week I went to a 2 hour meeting about care cuts and had to strain to hear and take in what was said. I had been sitting in wheelie a few hours prior to that…cinema and lunching.

Not much physical effort required, but i was totally shattered by the time I got to bed…oh and i wet myself through not finding a right loo.

Folk must think, how can she be so tired, she`s done nowt!

Too exhausting to try to explain.

No exactly how you feel.

luv Pollx