Fed up but I'm still fighting

Hi, Never written anything here, so sorry if I get it wrong.

I am just so fed up with MS, i’m 36 and was diagnosed when I was 26 and yes at the start it didnt really effect too much, but now, I just want to cut some of my limbs off. My left side is so heavy and numb and I constantly trip on a perfectly level surface, wohoo go me?? I even done a rather impressive body board manoeuver in the front door not that long ago.

To be honest, so days think I just need someone to have a good ole moan to, but what do you say. I’m not being rude or offensive and I love my Mum, but OH she does my head in. She ask, how you feeling today, i’ve learned to just answer with i’m fine, because if I say ‘my left arms is sore heavy etc’ all I get is ‘oh I know how you feel, my arms feel like that oll the time’ HOW?? my Mum doesn’t have MS, Its almost like she just asks sometimes so she can give me a running list of her sore bits AND what makes it worse, my sister is getting in the the act too ‘oh my legs are tired all the time’ - So just so I don’t have to listen, I always say now ‘I’m fine’ which is never followed by how are you, which may seem a bit rude.

I suppose I just want to be able to explain how I feel without the ‘oh I know how you feel’ line, its just so sole destroying sometimes.

Sorry about my wee rant, but I just feel awful, drained, heavy and the people around me seem to think they know how I feel better than I do and its so so frustrating.

Sorry again

Thanks x