morning everyone, sorry to go anon, last few days have felt really fed up, I don’t want to keep telling my hubby because I’m always off loading on him, which he say’s he doesn’t mind, but I do, like everyone in the country at the moment I’m BLDY fed up of the weather can’t get out as much as I would like, and really BLDY fed up of this condition, every day and all day there’s always something, pain, dizzyness, walking problems, and I could go on and on, you all know the story I don’t have to tell you, but I just wanted to get this off my chest and you are the only people who really understand, what’s really hard for me is that normally I’m a very up beat person, I really don’t like feeling like this, thanks for listening, hope you’re all ok, and have a good day, because at long last the sun i shining, Anon x

Hi anon It happens to us all, we all understand the pain of the symptoms and the symptoms themselves. You sound like you have a supportive hubby, I don’t I have a wife-ha made you think, oh sorry I have a wicked sense of humour too. It good when you are supported no matter what, but I understand the feeling if upping on someone. Take it easy & your friends here understand Mikex

Me too. I hope it’s OK if I have a moan too. I have SPMS and feel I’m getting worse by the week. I can still walk a little which is good I know but obviously not as good as being able to walk wherever you want whenever you want, and my balance is shocking. Apart from that I constantly have burning numbness from my waist down which is horrible and I supposse will only get worse until, maybe, I’m left with no feeling at all. My fingers are numb too and the horrible thing about this illness is you can never escape the symptoms. Some medication works a little for some symptoms. Well, as anon said I could go on and on, you all know the story and thanks for listening.


Reading the medications the people who have posted take makes me feel that I am -dare I say it a fraud. I have been DX with rapidly evolving severe remitting relapsing ms. I am just going to have a test for JCV, this is not gonna change my mind, I will have tysabri, irrespective. I do not know if I will need painkillers or anything else, how long I will be in this state, but whilst I am I will enjoy myself-and in the words of my friends in anoher post-pass the bolly.(good excuse as I keep falling over) Mike x

Hiya anon

I know the feeling of being fed up m8.

I feel like my life is a vicious circle at the moment, seeing doctors, taking pills, getting side effects which lead to more pills etc I have this constant pain in my right heel at the moment which the docs saying isnt related to my MS, really need second opinion on that one as got same pains in my right elbow now.

Plus I live in scotland and the sun is hardly ever shining here lol

Need a holiday badly

darren x

I am in Scotland too Darren and the weather here sucks, if only the GP could prescibe a week or two in the sun for some much needed vitamin D.


My doc once told me if she could prescribe a week in a nice hotel where I didn’t have to think of others and look after everyone else I’d be one hell of a lot less fatigued. Says she who when an elderly lady rang at about 615 in the morning the other day I didn’t curse it I started worrying as she sounded really frail and might actually be in trouble.