Ms brain

Good morning,

well thought I better first warn you all I have Ms brain lately, so the spelling/ grammar will most likely be bad. I may not even make sense.

My storker is back the doctors call it Ms “I call it My storker” it is something no body wants. But we get told to don’t fight it, learn to live with it!

After 5 years I’m still struggling to “live” with it. I am had depression for years, mixed with a debilitating disease is like mixing oil and water!

The lesions on my frontal lobes are reminding me lately they are there. I’m constantly forgetting things, and letting people down. I’ve tried setting reminders on my phone and leaving lists in my handbag and in my kitchen however I still forget the list is in my bag or the alam on my phone.

i was so active before loved working and being house proud and most importantly doing everything and everything with my family. The last few months my hip and legs are so weak, which then makes me frustrated and on a Deana downer.

I know I’m so lucky compared to millions of people. But when my violin in playing and the pity pill has kicked in, I can’t hear anyone else’s violin.

Thats my pity party finished thanks for reading my scatty post, I it hasn’t drained you trying to read it.


hi deana

i hold some blockbuster pity parties myself.

should we send out invitations?

one day i may not be able to organise one of my own!

i got my dx in 2008 and i have aged at least 30 years since then, it feels like it anyway.

carole x

I think we all feel like this,some more than others,its only natural to feel down at times, i know i have been and get so down, i fear i will stay that way,and sometimes it lasts longer than others,its b****y hard living with MS,but we have to try and find ways of coping,i find that when i am really down i make a list of the things i still can do as i feel i cant do very much at all, but the list makes me realise that i can actually do more than i realise,and that helps a little.

J x