Possible MS???

Hi all, I shall try to be brief but wondered what members thought about my current symptoms? 20 days ago I started with constant right sided weakness, arm and leg and periods of confusion, cognitive difficulty and disorientation. Within a few days I had started with pins and needles mainly in arms and hands during the night. In addition I have tingling and electric shocks all parts. Sensations are also present in face, finger right hand index goes completely numb. At worst I have had my foot turn in and I have noticed more I do or think the more the symptoms worsen. I have had some head pain but not too bad and on just one night the pins and needles and numbness in legs was accompanied with a pain I have not had before, kind of pressure and burning but only one night of that sensation. My coordination is affected also and every movement or thought process requires a lot of effort.

Now to complicate I had a brain haemmoerage 6 years ago and about 10 months later had the onset or right side weakness which at that time they thought was a TIA, i have had intermittent feelings of right sided weakness since then. About two years ago the weakness came on and stayed for 9 days, again had brain scan to check for bleed, nothing found. A year ago I had Lehemmets (sorry for spelling) I.e.chronic electrical shocks pins and needles down neck when I moved head down. I have had IBS symptoms for years and because I also have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I have attributed my fatigue and joint pain to that.

the symptoms now are overwhelming and I returned to work this week but was so confused after a long drive I achieved nothing a short walk to the photocopier saw me stranded given the numbness and weakness right side, my mobility is affected badly I have a CT booked this week as a caution and wait to see neuro and have a MRI but I wondered if these were symptoms others experience. Just had eye test and eyesight failing quickly, right side worse but no apparent nerve issues. I have had B12 deficiency tests, all ok. I am having bad functioning. I have had on a few occasions mild tremor right hand only I am wondering if all along I have had MS flare ups

Grateful for your thoughts

Hello Tagga,

With all your past problems it would be difficult to say if you have MS or not. You mentioned you have a CT booked for this week so I would suggest you wait for the results of that. If that comes back clear push for further investigations as most people will tell you it is very hard to get a definate Dx of MS.

Try not to worry, yes I know easy to say but you have had lots of things wrong and it could possibly be connected.

wishing you good luck and please keep us updated.



Hello, it is hard to say, I started with pins and needles in feet and hands then my eye sight, have you had a eye test?

I had a eye test I was referred to specialist they diagnosed uveitis but I don’t think I have that it’s all down to Ms.

I would wait but how is your mobility affected? Can you walk ok ? Ms causes loss of balance mine is bad and had falls weakness is common in legs in Ms just my arms are fine besides stiff and cold hands and feet and legs.

we can’t say you have Ms and its a long road to be dx it requires mri LP and vep I had been quite disabled after a year and 9 months for me but I have a good neuro and I changed gp cause mine said nothing was wrong.

Good luck x

Hi Tagga, dear me you have been through the mill.

Can i ask why are you going to work with these symptoms, surely your GP would want you to stay at home?

I agree with other poster i would wait for the results of your CT scan.

I am not sure why you would think MS, if it was me, i would have gone to the source of the first attack. Try not to stress too much yeh i know how easy is it for me to say that, but you need to try and not stress too much.

Please if i was you, i would not be working its dangerous for you to drive surely?

So my thoughts are, you need to rest, and wait for CT results, if they are clear then you can think about other possible causes, but usually MS comes on very subtle not in one big bang if that makes sense…


Thanks all for your prompt messages. I work from home most if the time due to my previous head injury but went to office this week which was really difficult so will try avoid that until symptoms improve. Went for eye test yesterday and vision has deteriorated considerably but optic nerve looked fine, new glasses on order! I will also be having a Mri so hopefully that helps.

What is unfortunate is that asides from eds and the brain bleed I also have found out I have the BRCA 2 (Cancer) gene do have had preventative ovary removal and a double mastectomy booked in the next month or two, regardless I am really positive so no worried but these new symptoms are the most annoying! I just need answers x will keep you all posted.

Had scan this morning, won’t get any results for a while but at least I had the CT scan, desperate for the MRI scan but no news so going to GP on Monday to prod things along.

Symptoms no better and if anything a bit worse, my confusion, walking and cognitive issues seems to be worse when I exert myself i.e do anything or think? Work is difficult but managing to keep going, fatigue and the occasional pain. What has changed is where it was all left side it is now starting in the right side so effectively both body sides.

I hope I get some answers soon, very frustrating.

bladder problems??? I was thinking I had no probs but actually I am up once or twice most night for the toilet and then today I coughed and started to wee and COULD NOT STOP so therefore wet myself!!! Hope thus is s one off but yet another symptom.

Every coordinated action is on is off I.e I over compensate and am having some accidents. I hope these symptoms soon go but back to Gp Monday to press for neuro appoint

Bladder problems is a sign I have them just use tena lady for now as I do under continence nurse sorry can’t spell it, how’s mobility? Mines bad and that’s when bladder started its just got worse over time, so sorry that happened to you xx

Hi Aleysea, lovely name! Bladder prob today ok touch wood but have not been out just in case. Able to move about but have intermittent leg weakness which is hard work and now noticed at times I am stopping my feet i.e hitting ground too heavy. I have hit doors, walls and furniture loads today as my coordination is off so a real liability won’t be using best dinner service for a while. Sorry to hear your suffering, keep well. Gp in the morning so will see what he says x

It’s just my username hehe x

With Ms you can have good and bad days I’m having a few bad ones, how’s your balance? if you get numbness pins and needles tell your gp same with eye problems, only a mri will tell you if you have lesions, I had mri vep and LP before I was diagnosed but a useless gp.

i changed gps after a year of mine saying I was fine, so I changed a year ago took 9 months to be diagnosed with MS a lot faster then most but I’m progressive, also stiffness tell your GP as that was my main problem.

Keep a diary of symptoms and notify your GP good luck, I can’t get to my gp so he does telephone appointments xx