Aches ??

Good morning all,

I wondered if anyone has had arms, hands and fingers that feel very tender and ache/hurt all the time, it has got worse over the past six months to a point that i find it a struggle holding a pen.

Two months ago i started to visit the MS therapy centre in Coventry, i have been having a physio session every week since then, just a hour a week and then excercises to do at home, simple but effective, my Nuero told me to work on my right hand side and try and make it work as my right leg is very weak.

Also they a have 2 oxygen chambers where you can go and have session for and hour, not tried it yet but i am sure i will at some point, a lot of people at the centre have tried it and have said it has helped, i don’t know what it does but anything is worth a go so i might book my first session this week, i will let you know how i feel after.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas &

Keep Smiling

Hi, I responded to your post but it seems to have vanished, just in case it comes back. Do you take any meds for nerve pain like Gabapentin or Amitriptyline? May be something to discuss with Neuro, worked for me.

Please let us know how you get on with the oxygen chamber of you decide to go for it. I can’t imagine it would cause any harm.

Have a good Christmas I hope you’re not carving the turkey.

Cath xx

Hi I dont hurt as much as I did do. I used to say my fingers were like sausages and my arms ached all the time I used to take diclofennlac but had to stop because of indegestion it made it worse so then just went with normal codine. I dont get the pain like I did and the fingers are much better. I expect its part of the rich array of changing symptoms we get

The tops of my leg muscles are very sensitive sometimes, pulling up my jeans sometimes after the loo makes me spasm a little and lose balance a bit because they’re so sensitive, then sometimes they’re fine.

It’s quite an adventure to be honest!

My thighs were really tender and sore. The muscles ached and the skin was tender, like it was scalded. They put me on different painkillers until they found my current regime. It is worth getting pain treated. I left it for as long as I could, trying to be brave but it was stupid as your body, especially your nervous system can only take so much before all your nerve endings become sensitized and then you perceive every stimulus as painful, your whole body becomes hyper sensitive. I got to that stage and now it’s permanent. I can only wear soft clothes etc and I’ll be on my huge doses of drugs for the rest of my life. No it’s not psychological, my Neuro and physio explained it to me.

If you have pain you need to get it sorted before you end up in the same way. Granted, we don’t know how much is caused by ms or my spinal cord injury but it’s very unpleasant. Every part of your body hurts like with a bad dose of flu. On a more cheerful note, pain is treatable, you just need the right kind of medication for your pain. Take care.

Cath xx