Ms pain or not?

Evening all, nice and cool this evening!

can I ask what type of pain anyone gets please?

i have been getting aches and pains that come and go in seconds for months in arms/shoulders/legs and toes but the past couple of days both of my arms from the elbows down to my wrists have been so painful I had to see the gp today. Not my normal gp. My arms have a really bad dull ache with then a quick shooting pain. Got to have blood test Monday and been given amytriptaline but I am already taking citalopram so not sure about taking both, plus gp said it would take two weeks to work anyway.

am on betaferon since jan and nurse says this is not a side effect of it.

i already have vitiligo, underactive thyroid and ms, really don’t need another autoimmune disease, (fibromyalgia is on my mind)

any thoughts greatly appreciated, thank you,

sue x

Hello Sue

Taking the two drugs you mention together is fine…there are no contraindicatons.

I would say my pain is chronic. Mainly spine and joint pain, then neuro type pain.

The pain you describe to your arms, could be to do with your MS but also to many other causes. e.g. trapped nerve, posture, something heavy you may have lifted recently.

Good luck in finding out

Noreen xx

hello sue

i have started to have pain in my arms which doesnt feel like neuropathic pain.

its more like an ache in my bones, which is scary.

so far i havent mentioned it to my gp (chicken)

good luck

carole x

Thank you both. My pain feels deep like it’s the bones but it hurts when I press the muscles so don’t think it’s bones, fed up of feeling grotty though. Hopefully blood test will show what it is.

best wishes to you both,

sue x