aching bones?

my arm has been aching for a couple of days now.

most of my pain has always been in my legs so this is a novelty (haha! ‘novelty pain’).

it seems to be one particular bone running down to my wrist.

i’ve been at this ms game long enough to know that there aren’t any quick fixes but just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone else has this.

carole xx

Hi Carole I get this. It’s my right wrist the side of yr little finger. Really painful throbbing pain by the bone. Luckily so far it doesn’t last long. I tend to just rub it or if it’s really bad I rub 10% phorpain gel (from gp) this tends to settle it. May not be MS related. Have you done anything you don’t normally such as a bit of gardening? So easy to blame everything on MS. I was in agony with my back and realised I had been bending from the waist as my knee is very painful I couldn’t kneel pulling up weeds!

Hope it goes soon x

I get a bone pain in my shins and ankles, especially in bed. It was interrupting my sleep so I did a bit of investigating and found a few references to magnesium.

I decided to give it a go - I’ve been taking magnesium supplements for about 2 weeks now and I can report that the pain has gone. Of course, this is MS so it could be a coincidence. The pain might have gone on its own anyway but who knows.


thanks for the replies.

jane - i have some magnesium tablets which i intend to take 3 times a day but often forget. so will make sure i take them!

rachy - i’ll ask my gp (when i finally get an appointment) for the phorpain gel.

thanks again xxx

I get bone pain too and it’s been constant in my legs these last few days. I’m not one for taking supplements but think I may give magnesium a try.

Hope your arm stops aching soon Carole.

Noreen xx

I get pain in my elbows which is more noticeable in bed (maybe its old age haha). I fell quite badly last year - my elbows and knees taking the full force so originally thought the pain was connected but it hasnt gone away.

Ive been taking magnesium for a while now and thought it had helped with spasms and twitchy legs but they’re back at the minute - could be just tired so wil continue the magnesium.