Heel pain, elbow pain and middle of back pain Grrrr

Hi everyone,

Im new to this site, I really just came on to see if anyone was getting the same new MS symptoms as me.

For the last 2or3 weeks I have been getting this really sharp shooting pain in my right heel and right elbow just around the bone. It is getting to the stage where everytime I go out for a walk or get up to do something the pain just stays with me, iv been puting some heat pads on my back also and they work for a while as well as hot water bottles on my heel and elbow

Surely I wont have to do this forever? Iv been taking painkillers now and again but even they are stopping to work. Iv tried some calcium and vitamin d supplements to help with my joint pain but Im not seeing any benefit. I also take 10mg amitryptiline at night before I go to sleep to help me sleep and then as soon as I wake im in pain again in these areas, its feeling like a vicious circle, any help or advice would be appreciated.



Have you tried cooliing the area rather than heating it? A towel thats been in the freezer works for me.

Unfortunately with MS one treatment/medication doesnt work in the same way for all.

Hope you find something that suits you.

Ellie x

Hi Ellie

Thanks for the reply, I will try that next time I get that intense pain. How are you dealing with MS?im just on here to see if other people are experiencing the same things as I am.


Hiya Darren

Dunno how long you have been diagnosed-but for me 7 years-so I learnt some time ago just to deal with MS on a daily basis. Yesterdays gone so no point reliving that, tomorow I will cope with when it arrives. Today, well, had a friend here and dribbled (not from mouth!) cos we laughed so much. Still in pain, still tingling and all the other stuff I experience on a daily basis, but the laughter is what I focus on!

Dunno if that reassures you any or just makes think I am mad! lol

Ellie x

Hey Ellie

Just private messaged you and didnt realise you had replied on here lol what am I like, anyway I see what your getting at basically your saying dont let MS get you down and enjoy every day, even although we have the pains not to let life pass us by. My girlfriend is like an angel anytime ive got any pain she will try her best to help me and make me a little more comfy.

you’ve definately reassured me.