Pain and the heat

Hi all, I haven’t been diagnosed, but waiting MRI results next week. Have had ms type symptoms for 5 weeks now and had a similar bout over Easter, which affected my eye also. My question is, my pain in my hands and feet seems to really flare up when the heat starts creeping up, is that a typical symptom!? I can’t find any other explanation for all my symptoms but the nerve conduction test came back normal. Trying to find answers. Definitely feel more nauseaus in this hot weather too.

hi robin

you have my sympathy because although i used to love the sun, now i hate it!

the cold also makes me hurt!

so i just sound like i’m whingeing for the sake of it.

it’s not just ms that gets worse in the heat.

other diseases as well, but i can’t remember (it will come to me at about 4.00 am).

tell your ms nurse or neuro when you see them next week.

buy yourself a cooling mat for dogs.

i bought one for our old cat who was suffering with the heat.

she refused to sit on it.

someone put it on my chair and i kept wondering why i had a cold bum!

£5 from the local market and they work!

carole x