Autumn Leaves

Hello you horrible lot,

I’m going to ask you a serious question now. So sit up straight, stop fiddling with your hair and pay attention!

Has anyone experienced an increase in their MS symptoms since the heat last month? Because, during the hot spell I was affected by heat, but the increase in disability didn’t go away as the weather got cooler.

What is the answer to question 3?

How many oranges has Mary stolen?

If a train leaves Exeter by 7 o’clock but before £30.50 and a bus leaves Plymouth completely, at what time will the flight take off?

Is haddock exempt from EU tariffs now we are governed by Maidenhead?

Thank you,


c/o Mrs Aida Durer

Bide-a-Wee Sleepy Time Cottage



Hi Abrecht, me too but im not officially diagnosed so have given up in trying to match the symptoms , ive felt worse than ever this week, but then ive also been more stressed than usual.

Michelle x

When its hot even if i have a mid to warm shower it flakes me for the rest of the day. When we had that really bad heat wave i was ill for several weeks, and it took ages to get my mojo back well not ever will i get it back, but i had the heat.

Bring it on with the cold weather it helps my spasms calm down, and my legs are never as stiff thankfully. I never have the heating on in my bedroom either.


July/Aug was really bad for me but now I am back to normal, whatever that is. Love the Autumn and Spring but hate it when the really cold weather comes as that is just as bad as the heat for me. So I am just going to enjoy the next few weeks as I know after that my mood and symptoms will get worse for a few months.

Mags xx


Hello Al.

Yes the heat is a killer. I once had to spend a night in the acute stroke ward of the local hospital. The doctor thought I’d had a stroke but it turned out to be heat related exhaustion. I thought I was doing quite well after the recent spell but the district nurse has twice failed to get any blood out of me because the whole thing just ran me down and the exhaustion returned. I’m currently trying to feed myself up ready for tomorrow’s go.

As for the questions:

Mary stole balloons. Exeter was abandoned in 1986. We are actually governed by Slough. Fish? Well it’s a satisfactory joke. I’ll call it haddock wit.

Best wishes, Steve


Thank you all for your comments. We have now established that;

Heat is a bad thing.

It can knock you out for much longer than the heat lasts.

We occupy a narrower habitable zone than the rest of humanity (except the Inuit).

Mary is innocent.

You cannot get into Exeter before moonset

Slough is a figment of Steve’s imagination.

And he has a very strange relationship with fish.

Well done gang. Next time I get another sticky question I know who to avoid.

big al.


Yes the heat gets to me yes it can take time to recover

But the cold driegh days off January febuary are a lot worse

If I get cold the pain and spasms are just the limit .


yes its extremes that are no good at all for my ms i was totally wiped out with the humidity this summer,and now i am wiped out due to the colder weather, which will get much worse when we are in the minuses,that’s even worse for me than the humidity.I really can’t win.

J x

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I am now muddled of Margate and wondering when will the bus arrive at the maiden head and more importantly who is buying the first round? As for heat I seem to have got away lightly this year and even went wheelchair walking. This MS malarkey ain’t an exact science main question is who’ll it be chips with the paddock.

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Hi David,

Exactly which medications are you taking these days?

Big Al.

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You Ré all mad but thanks for making g me smile. Mu h worse I the heat. Sleeping g 3 hours e ery day I the after on so don’t think this cooler weather is much better for me. X Anne

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Hi Anne,

Nice to hear from you again. Have you replaced your car yet?


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You know that bus which was supposed to leave Plymouth completely? Are you sure it wasn’t a ship?

It might have been the ship I went on recently and I loved it so much that I kept it. It’s in our garage, but hubby had to take the rear wall down ,as the ship’s aft stuck out a tad!!!

Oh where’s me pills?



Don’t talk to me about afts sticking out. I had a lot of hassle last time!

What colour is it?


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