Hi everyone,
Now that Britain is having a mini heatwave maybe we can have a little talk about heat intolerance. I’m sure a lot of you are suffering a bit from the heat but I live in Italy and is has been 40 plus with 100% humidity everyday since April. I have an air conditioner in the flat but even that is not enough to stop me overheating. Going outside or sitting on the balcony (even in the shade) is not possible. I simply can’t stick it. The only thing to do is go to the outside pool and stay in cold water all the time but you really can’t do that all the time when you live here. It’s different from being on holidays. Anyway I can no longer drive, need a wheelchair when out and about and my husband has to work. I came here to live because I loved!!! the sun but now I’m beginning to think that I need to leave. My question is two fold. Firstly How is it possible that we suffer from vit D deficiency and yet the sun which can give it to us natually is the one thing we can’t bear anymore? And secondly If the weather is often cold do you suffer more than you do in the heat? It rarely gets very cold here in winter like it does in Britain. It’s the third of October and it’s 30 degrees at the moment and I’ve now resorted to praying for cooler weather. I’m pretty sure that my ms is more active in hot weather but maybe it’s just my imagination. Any thoughts?

May I offer a suggestion to combat the dreadful effects of the heat? ice jacket. I know someone who uses one in USA.

Google ice jacket and see what it says. If it isn`t too helpful, it is a jacket with water pipes threaded through the sleeves and back and a pump goes into a bucket of iced water at your side.

hardly glam and portable, but may help.

luv Pollx

i think its the high humidity lkevel more than the heat itself that causes the bad efects and temporary worsening of symptoms
andy x

Hi Cilla, I agree with Andy… it’s humidity that does it more than heat. At moment it is hot here but hot and dry, not humid, and I’m doing ok. However saying that, I’m staying out of the sun completely… :roll:

Cold weather is much better than hot in terms of how I feel… but it has it’s own problems. Can be too cold to go out on mobility scooter and when we had nearly 2 weeks of snow last year I was basically housebound. Also if I get very cold I find it hard to get warm again.

The ideal would be warm, dry days (at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and chilly nights.

My sister lives in Italy. She doesn’t have MS but says she finds the summer months, esp August, unbearable.

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

good day to you, have just read your post today (19/10/) and will say that us here in God's country (that's Scotland for the uneducated) have the best weather for MSers, freezing, and that IS in summer, so re-locate to here, brian