hi all 

today(tues) i have noticed the effect the warm weather today had on me

finished at 4 and felt exhausted and felt like i had someone elses legs on

fell asleep at 5 until 7 then went out to walk dogs but still got pains in legs but tiredness not so bad

worst thing is weather forecast good for rest of week!!

anyone else affected by the heat?


Hi anon

Heat is a common thing that can affect those of us with MS, especially if it's humid. I tend to feel pretty lethargic, though thankfully I've not felt too bad today. I had a cold shower when I got up, which always help though.


Oh yes I get worse.Yesterday was terrible,shaking legs and arms,tremors were terrible,headache from hell.My eyes burned and watered and I had fuzzy sight.The heat affects me so badly.

I get annoyed when ppl say are you enjoying the weather and I say NO.....

Ive woke this morning with my limbs flicking and jumping terrible,headache,feeling sickly,tired.

I hude from the sun.

Ugh heat. People think I’m odd that I much prefer the cold. I work better in the cold, tiredness/lethargy is what heat brings me.

Was more tired but still prefer the sunshine! Maybe a bonus of being north east Scotland is the heat less intense.
Julia x

I hate to hate this weather crying3

From one who once was a beach sunworshipper - since MS dx I'm a hermit. Much prefer cooler days, and yes I get really annoyed when people just lately are banging on about our wonderful weather/talking about their holidays.



Hello Annon,

                      I am so chuffed that it isn't just me! I have just been trying to inject myself with my Rebif injector pen, and I have made a pig's ear of it with THREE of them! I have been on these for something-teen years, so it isn't as if I am a learner. I felt a right pillerk (sp?) as I 'phoned my Rebif support worker, and she told me not to worry; that she would order more of them for me, but that I should go and sit in the shade of a tree!

                It is so confusing, as at the same time we are told that the sun is good for MS.

                      Best Wishes,


Hello again,

                    Sorry to butt in again, but I forgot to mention that one of my rabbits looked very unwell when he had been in the heat too. He has shade all the time, but the humidity must have floored him.


I actually quite like the warmer weather,my legs feel worse when it is damp and chilly. Whilst we have this warm weather I am trying to sit in the sun for 30 minutes without suncream to get some Vit D into my body. After 30 mins I apply suncream. I find that when it is sunny my mood is much better, so I am hoping this nice spell continues but I do sympathise with those people who find their symptons flare up more when it is hot.

Love SUN, hate

used to love the sun,sat in it for hrs at a time,but now the heat kills me,unfortunatley,our living room is a cool haven  in the summer days when ive sat out back to long,,but if we may be had a chance to get used to it,instead of cold to boiling hot,we may have a chance


Heat is bad news whether it is a hot bath, which I used to lurve, or the sunshine, sitting outside at a pub.,.

In the summer I can't go outside as much as I would like, always have to stay in the shade.  Wear cool clothes and wash hands and facwe in cool water, so refreshing.  Not too sure if I can face a cool shower,.

There is no winning with MS.


The heat kills me. Could hardly walk today and am absolutely worn out.

Teresa xx

The heat in Camarthenshire today was terrible.I was filling in my ESA form and the sun was beaming through the window.I felt ill all day,tremors,spasms and a heache from hell.It didnt help with nextdoor playing very very loud dance music from 10-30 am until around 6-30 pm.

I was so hot I thought take my murder dolls T-shirt off,no one can see me in the livingroom.Boy I just had a cool bath earlier and I am shocked my back is burnt red raw from the sun beaming in through the window.So now MS symptoms and a sunburnt back to add to my list of complaints.

Are we able to get prescription glasses that go dark in the sun on the NHS?

I cannot see without my specs and to remove them to wear shades due to photosensetivity I am almost blind.If yes who do I ask about this as the sun is burning my eyes.

Are we able to get prescription glasses that go dark in the sun on the NHS?

I cannot see without my specs and to remove them to wear shades due to photosensetivity I am almost blind.If yes who do I ask about this as the sun is burning my eyes.


Speak to your optician - I get working tax credit, so get a discount on spectacles - maybe there’s something in place for prescription sunglasses?


My neigbour said she will ask her friend in Spec Savers when she sees her and I got doctor Friday morning so if I remember I will ask her about them....

I get help towards my lenses as I have a complex prescription (blind as a bat), I always have reactions lenses for my glasses as I can't cope with the bother of swapping between the 2 sets.  Plus I did used to have both but then went somewhere in my sunnies and was staying the night, and realised I'd forgotten my ordinary glasses so had to sit and watch TV in the dark with my sunglasses on.  I did feel a right wally!

Sorry to all you who are affected be the heat, but I love this weather, I sat in my garden for 5 hours yesterday + plan to do the same today, I feel so good when the suns out, it’s the cold + damp that affects me more.


It was so hot at 9 am and still is I was leeking fluid from every pore and had to have a shower.Ive got shades on in my house due to brightness of sun,maybe it would be easier just to close the blinds....

For years now I remember being really ill in the winter and perking back up in spring/summer time so I had been really looking forward to a break from the onslaught of symptoms I have had since last September.

When optic neuritis hit in December and I lost my hearing in January my mum kept reassuring me that I’d feel better once the sun came out. How wrong she was!

I love this weather and I hate to moan but I feel so ill, it’s just not fair!