OMG! i am melting!

I feel awful!

Teresa. x

I hate this hot weather, I feel totally drained, can hardly walk from sheer exhaustion and long for it to get cooler and even some rain to stand under. Already had a sleep this morning and feel as though I could do with another.



Yep…pretty bad for me too. Normally the heat does not affect me too much being a chef, but add on humid heat and it becomes a struggle. i am sat here in the middle of a split shift, I have to go back in again at 6pm for the evening shift and you can bet it will be near unbearable then. Ugghh!,


I agree the hot weather is not good.

Washing my hands in cold water and splash cold water vover face and neck. Don’t feel so tired and bring energy levels nearer to normal.

Give it a go, certainlly makes my life bearable. I know it sounds obvious keep out of the sun.


i hate to agree but there we are i just have.

I love the sun but when it is this hot my balance is even more awful, etc etc I just get fed up with the weather being so changeable. If it stayed the same all day we wouldnt mind so much.It takes a couple of days to get used to one type of weather, and hey presto it then changes again.

Anyway I probably wouldnt suffer so much if i had lost the 2 stone i have put on since dx!!

Sitting in the shade makes a big difference!!



Cold damp weather not so good in. Diagnosed last year so this is my first full year! We went on a cruise last year and temp up to 28 degrees and I felt fine but guess a different type of heat as where we live as beautiful as it is we are a small area surrounded by water our heat in the summer must be humid!

It’s all so confusing but this website is great as you realise you are not alone.



I love the sun but hate the humidity.

It slows me right down, I feel like I’m dragging myself around and my legs are even worse than usual. But I can (and do) sit in the garden for hours in the sunshine when I can. I love to be out in the fresh air. I love the sun - it’s good for us…I just hate what the humidity does to me.

Debbie xx

It hit 37 C in Camarthenshire yesterday.I suffered all day and night.

I feel utterly rotten.

Roll on winter I say.

It hit 37 C in Camarthenshire yesterday.I suffered all day and night.

I feel utterly rotten.

Roll on winter I say.

Hello everyone,

I am massively affected by the heat and all this weekend I have done nothing at all but sleep and sit indoors which is very boring but I am completely floored by the heat although having just ate an ice cream I feel better!

I am so looking forward to Wednesday as it is going to be cooler and I can’t wait. I haven’t even seen any friends but thank god for SKY. Friends and boyfriend as good as they are do not understand how the heat can floor us but how could they and it is frustrating but that’s just the way it is.

Hope you all sleep well tonight.


Oh help! The sun wrecks me. I have hidden from the sun for years, am whiter than white, take vitamin d and long for our usual Scottish 15 degree summer. Sad person yes BUT it won’t last long and the rest of our poulation deserve it. It gets us and about, away from TV computers and indoor life, so have fun guys that are happy and it won’t be long till it’s our turn again. Sandypops