Break in the weather

Hi All,

All this sunshine has been lovely and what we’ve needed but the heat has been awful to deal with and I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

The pain & fatigue with both my MS & Fibro has been draining and my body hasn’t known what to do with itself. So I’m relieved that we’ve had a break of it today and even a bit of rain, although I believe that we are to expect the sun and heat returning again from tomorrow.

I don’t deal well with the extreme heat or the extreme cold as I find that my pain in particular feels ‘different’ in either case. Does anybody else suffer the same or something similar?

Twinkle Toes x

Hi, I’m new to this but I can so relate, cold or hot weather makes me feel awful!! I’ve been staying inside as much as possible in the recent weeks but with 2 small children this sometimes isn’t possible so I try to stay in the shade. Either way though my body aches my legs cramp and go really weak and my head goes fuzzy just another thing we must deal with I suppose :(. Take care though and like you said enjoy the rest bite!!

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I dont cope with any extremes of heat and cold, i like a nice warmish day about 21 degrees any hotter than that i start to feel unwell,and the extreme cold when its really cold is just as bad for me.The humid weather affects me more than anything i just cant function much at all when its humid,we went to Spain a few year ago in October and it was very,very humid all week and i could not leave the air con in our room.

Hi Laura,

Welcome to the forum, like you with all this hot weather we’ve been having I’ve had to stay indoors a lot of the time too as the heat plays havoc with my symptoms especially the pain and fatigue. I find it difficult trying to explain it to other people without MS as they just don’t understand. Sometimes it drives me to distraction and I don’t know what to do with myself but at least today has been more bearable :slight_smile:

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Thankyou Twinkle Toes! It is extremely difficult to explain to others who do not suffer with this disease! After I got my diagnoses I went on a family holiday which was booked long before we new to spain which was 40 degrees and I didn’t no much about MS myself at the time and boy it was awful! I spent the first 3 days bathing and basking in the sun to spend the final 7 in bed feeling like I had ruined the holiday for everyone…not a good feeling and not something ive repeated since! I too have enjoyed a cooler day today but like you said it will be short lived :frowning: Take care Laura

Hi MrsJ,

I prefer it being about 18/19 degees but what we’ve been having of late has been awful. I was so glad of the cooler weather, and even the rain today but I believe that the heat is going to return tomorrow :frowning:

I could never go abroad as I just wouldn’t be able to cope with it at all and I’m not surprised that you couldn’t leave the air con either. I’ve been told that living abroad where it’s nice and warm would benefit my Fibro but I know it would be awful for my MS so I’ll be staying in this country where the weather is usually more easier to cope with.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Morning Laura,

You’ll find a lot of lovely people on here and there’s always someone around to offer support and advice, and it’s from people who understand and ‘get’ what you mean. As we all have our own unique version of MS there’s more inside/actual information available from the members/community on here.

Sorry to hear about your experience when you went on your family holiday it must of been awful but I’m sure that you didn’t ruin it for them at all - you didn’t know and so you couldn’t prepare yourself (or the family) for this. I get told sometimes you have to put things down to experience and learn not to repeat it again which is easier said than done sometimes.

Glad that like me you enjoyed the cooler day yesterday it was easier to deal with although the sudden change in temperature gave my pain/body a right wobble later in the day this MS does very strange things - MS sucks :-/

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Morning Twinkle Toes and thank you for your lovely reply! I’m already seeing that there are many kind and supportive people on here so I’m very glad I joined! It is nice to be able to share your experiences with people who understand and go threw similar things to you! The holiday was a disaster and we have another one arranged for June next year I will definetly be more prepared and think the family will also be more understanding of the difficulties the heat can bring! Fingers crossed I have learnt from that past experience and I can cope with it better! I like yourself am dreading the rise in heat over this weekend but I think we will just have to take it in our wobbly stride :). Take care Laura

Hi Laura,

I was glad I joined too as it’s really helped me but I wish I’d plucked up enough courage to join sooner.

Oh that’s great that you’ve booked a holiday for next year and at least it gives you plenty of time to plan and prepare yourself and your family the best you can and I’m sure the family will be more understanding as it’s not your fault at the end of the day.

Well that temperature did hike up again today it got to 22 degrees but it was quite windy with it which helped keep it down but I believe that we’re going to be getting highs of 26 degrees tomorrow so not looking forward to that at all, we’re also due some heavy rain showers too but we’ll see.

Take care and keep cool

Twinkle Toes x

ah the joy of living in a temperate climate!

i have always loved the four seasons.

spring when the new buds appear.

summer when everyone (with some exceptions) is smiling.

my favourite, autumn, when they leaves transform into a beautiful palette of colours.

winter when you wrap up warm with enough layers to disguise the flab.

ms has tried to make me dislike the seasons, i do dislike the pain of the cold and the wet rag feeling of the heat.

however i still appreciate them all.

i wish i was a poet but other than the odd rude limerick i’m not.

i used to attempt to paint watercolours though and i loved painting the sky.

i still love looking at the sky.

so wishing you all a comfortable temperature.

carole x

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