Hot weather again

Hi all,the hot weather is back and hanging around for a while. Great everyone say but MS says no. Symptoms gone bit mad when it’s hot. Spasticity gone bad in 1 leg making walking so hard. Barely made it in home today in the heat, dragging my leg along with my crutch.Spasticity and heat don’t get along. Nothing seems to help. Baclofen does nothing for it. End of my rant.

hi jimmy

this weather i can tolerate and even enjoy because it isn’t humid.

however i know that it’s coming.

when it’s hot and humid i cannot sleep and just feel like a wet rag.

last year i went for a meal with my sister on a sweltering sweaty evening.

the waiters were flagging and everyone saying it could do with a good thunderstorm.

just as we arrived back at my sister’s the storm broke.

i watched it outside on the patio with the deliciously cool rain soaking me bliss!

have a good sleep and dream of making snow angels!

carole x

It’s so nice to find other people who understand what hot weather brings! I’m just about coping but I get so low in the summer because it gets so difficult to leave the house.

I will dream of snow angels and frost and beautiful autumnal days… Ahhh!

(Although the grey winter and this humidity this winter hasn’t been much fun either.)

Take care!

Yes its lovely to have sun after the winter we had. But this heat is a struggle. Not that humid at night yet so my sleep isn’t affected. Suppose il have to enjoy the sun but my symptoms won’t. Thanks

People find it strange that the heat has a bad effect on MS sufferers. They often ask me if I feel better in the summer and I have to try to explain that it makes my symptoms a whole lot worse. But saying that it is so good to see the sun

Jane X

They do, don’t they, Jane? To be honest, I’ve never liked the heat and most people in my family struggle with it too so we’re not alone.

I thought I would really enjoy the light and the brightness, but it’s making my eyes ache so much (I’ve had two relapses that affected my eyes). Harrumph!

It’s good to know it’s still there though.

Take care.

blue skies make me happy

At least it’s not too humid yet - that’s when things get really bad for me.

I’m pretty good at keeping cool now. My flat is south facing, so I keep the blinds closed to keep the sun out. And I don’t open the windows during the day either, as that just lets warmer air in. I only open them when they air outside is cooler. Because I’m several floors up, it’s safe to leave my windows open at night, which cools the flat down. Then in the morning, I close the windows to keep the cool air in.

Nothing beats a cold shower for getting me nice & cool for a while. But if that’s too much faff, I hold my wrists under a cold tap, with my hands bent back. This exposes the veins, which then transport cooler blood round my body. This definitely takes the edge off the heat.


Blue skies make me happy too, usually - but not when it hurts.

Dan, that’s all the stuff i do to cope as well - although I’m in a bungalow so I can’t leave things open at night!

I’m one of the lucky ones when it comes to hot weather even its humid it doesn’t matter I done really well, the cold effects me so much but the heat I get so much better,

I go now in August to Turkey for 2 weeks in know people say thats the hottest time of the year to go there but thats the reason i’m going at that time, when the temperature hits the mid 30’s to low 40’s my ms feels like its gone away and if the temperature gets higher than that its a bonus, If I do push myself to much and my cental nervous system overheats thats when the signals from my brain down my spine slow do or misfire and I can barely walk and my ms symtoms play up I get someone to rub Uddermint down the whole length of my spine that cools things right down and everything gets back to normal.

Uddermint is a strong mint cream that dairy farmers rub into cows udders

uddermilk can go on my shopping list now.

thank you markolad x

If you search Uddermint on Amazon you can buy a 600ml tube for £21.99 with free delivery, I buy mine from my local farm supplies shop or some vets that work with farm animals sell i get mine for £17.00 for a 600ml tube, you can buy it on Amazon for around that price to but its almost £5 delivery on top of that

I love the sun and the heat in the past has never affected me, but lately my symptoms do appear to be worse on these warm days. I just feel completely wiped out and my walking/mobility is basically cr*p, even though I’m not overly doing anything, so frustrating

Why then do some MS’ers move to a warmer & sunnier climate ?

It’s a bit difficult to get more sun on your body without getting hotter !

It’s rather like being told that rain is good for MS, so go outside and stand in it, but don’t get wet !!

Cheers Markolad I must look into that. I’m surrounded by farmers here so I could pick it up if I meet 1 of them. Never heard of udder mint before but I like the idea of it. If it works on cows it would work on me.The humidity today wrecked me, need something to keep me cool. Thank for the info

A slightly cooler version is available at Holland and Barrett called dynamint in cream and spray works quite well and dosent irritate skin my skin anyway .

There may not be many farmers stores in in big towns .