Heat wipes you out?

I have never really been good with hot weather anyway but this latest spell of hot weather is really wiping me out and I have no energy at all.

To quote the Wicked Witch of the West ‘I’m melting’

Does anybody else feel like this?

Yep, it’s common with MS

In fact, historically a hot bath was used as a test for MS. If it turned you to jelly then you more than likely had MS.

At least cooler temperatures are forecast here tomorrow.

I drink lots of cold drinks and there are lots of things on the market to help, the chillow pillow springs to mind. I am sure others will add to the list.

I have been personally very grateful that the jet stream has shifted south.

Hi Jon,

Heat intolerance comes under Uhthoffs syndrome lots get it. You could get something from


I hate this heat. It completely wipes me out, makes me as grumpy as a bear and my legs hardly work. Roll on the weekend and cooler weather! Teresa xx

It’s the humidity that does me the damage.If the heat ramps up nicely, not so bad but the humidity just jumps up and twists everything out of shape.


Yep John as everybody says heat wipes you out, temp. last year in Vienna was 42 degrees…guess who sent the day under a cold shower_

Hi Jon,

Heat wipes me out as well, at least it’s been a little cooler today and joy of joys rain is forecast, hoorah.



Nope. The cold gets me. Hot is not a problem. But then, I have been a chef for 25 yrs and have probably built up a tolerence to high temps. Even with this heat added on it doesn’t change. But when it gets cold, I really suffer.

THIS ^ my body feels like it’s made of lead.

Hello John,

I have to admit that heat really finishes me off too. This has surprised me, yet AGAIN, but with the lousey Summer we have had, I was all for staying out in all the sunny weather, but I am having problems already. It’s just so unfair, as we need to have our daily dose of sunshine, but each time the sun comes out, so does the MS!

Take care, (in the shade)


Yes the heat also gets me, spend all my day laying on my bed, wiped out!!!


Hiya - yep me too…Utophs (or however you spell it!!) and all. Today walked at least 1000m on and off - yesterday had to lay down after 100m!!

If summer remained cooler it’d be great for misery guts me!!!

N x

eaven before ms i prefured the cold. You can put as many layers on as you want to keep warm but only take off so many before you get had up for indecent exposure

I’m not good in either extreme. This heat/humidity has been causing me no end of probs, mega fatigue, legs far more wobbly than usual, blurred vision, and short temper. Even as a child I never did well in warm weather.

The cold is a problem as I have no meat on my bones to keep me warm.

THe hot weather dousnt bother me at all.I feel better when the sun is shining and it warm,but as soon as the humidity sets in,i get bad.I walk around like ive got a hundred pound weight on my legs.,the cold weather does this to me as well.

Sorry, I’m with Amanda P and others.

Have said it before on here, for the majority heat is not good, but for 20% of us, or so, heat/sunshine does us good (am I still getting the sense that it’s those of us with the sensory probs mainly?).

Tonight I’m in major pain with my right leg for no apparent reason, other than it’s cooled down and I’ve not put socks on! Also, the lack of vit D in the cloud. Keeping me from sleeping now.

Going to Greece next week. Bring it on! Will keep me in vitamin D until October. Never mind the Euro!

S. x

yes i get it suffer quicker from fatigue and the distance i can travel think many others suffer the same

Heat definitely,but it’s humidity that’s the real killer for me.

Not so much the sun etc for me but as i used to play football alot,once i got warm my legs would go jelly like and would have to stop playing Hence me stopping altogether,i used to play semi professional aswell so even more gutted

Vienna? Wow that sounded hot hope you enjoyed it thouigh I would love to go there.

Last holiday I went on was to the French Alps, I love snow and have never seen so much it was lovely, thing I couldn’t understand was it was the begging of Janurary surrounded by snow and still very warm, warmer than here in the summer we would go to the pub at night in t-shirts, I even went sunbathing on my last day lol