Does the heat affect your MS?

I’m really struggling with this heat. Everything I do is exhausting, just getting up to make a coffee makes me tired. I’m much better when the air is cooler and clearer.

Is anyone else being affected by this heat.

Donna x

I think a lot of us suffer due to the heat, I can’t wait for Autumn.

I live in the North East goodness knows how those in the South cope.

Jan x

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Heat def makes my MS fatigue so much worse than it need be. All I do is sleep for most of the day.

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OMG does it ever, fatigue goes up, nerve pain sky high, feels like all my nerves are on edge and more, use cold pads + a cold blanket, they do ok until they warm up and then it’s back to square 1, however I’m also affected by cold, so don’t like the winter either, can’t bloody win.

Jean x

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Same here. Don’t like it when it’s too hot or cold. There’s probably 2 days a year that are just right. I’m not one to moan, But…

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100% agree with the others, heat is a nightmare.

For me it never used to be, but about 2 years ago I started to notice that I was a little worse in the summer, now though my symptoms are far far far worse on hot sunny days.

Within minutes of going outside on a hot sunny day theres a marked difference in my symptoms, and like Scudger the cold also has an adverse effect.

If it’s a chilly day my legs almost lock completely.

I read somewhere that even a difference of between 0.25 & 0.5 degrees in body temp can worsen MS symptoms for some people.

Its a phenomenon know as the Uhthoff’s sign.

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So far in the last couple of weeks I’ve smashed a tea plate, thrown a plastic beaker full of squash on the carpet, burnt myself, spun round like a spinning top dozens of times to stop myself falling over, repeatedly come close to knocking ornaments off a shelf, scraped my forearms on the door handles and OMG the fatigue three minutes loading the washing machine followed by 40 minutes fagged out on the sofa! And that’s just what I can remember. But I’ve had worse.

i was also sleeping with the fan full on all night but still kept waking up every hour or so.

I’ve done some research on air conditioning but have had to rule it out but I have ruled an air cooler in as an possible alternative but i am concerned that they add humidity.

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We have a Dyson bladeless tower cooler, it cools and purifies at the same time.

It will not add to humidity as it automatically purifies and de humidifies the circulating air, you can physically see on the digital display the air quality being cleaned as its running.

It can be programmed from your phone to come when your out, can be used in manual mode or auto, it’s far quieter than a conventional fan.

It’s a little costly but best non air conditioning fan I’ve come across.

My son purchased one as he suffers from hay fever and swears it has improved this, so we went out to get one for our room.

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I cant cope with any extremes hot or cold but humidity is a killer for me i am wiped out with it and just cant function much at all.I have 2 air con units that were a bit pricey but i couldn’t cope without them.

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I use a dyson fan next to my bed.

I put a lot of ice in my gin!

I’m struggling but coping!!


Hi. Can’t say the heat (or cold) makes any difference to me one way or another.


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Just like the rest of us, the heat and humidity wipe me out. I can barely function. I`m like a limp lettuce.I dont like the cold either, but I can manage better.



I was like you for years , no issues at all with heat or cold, in fact when my sister (she also has MS), used to say how bad she was in hot weather I used to think to myself what the hell is she talking about ?

But now a few years later I can fully understand what she meant.

yes Bouds

at least in cold weather you can layer up.

I got some fleece lined leggings last year but if I want to wear jeans over them, they need to be wider legs.

so since buying the leggings £2 from a bargain shop, I have no wide legged jeans and my financial situation has gone downhill.

all i can say is ‘bugger’, well i can say more but my extended vocabulary is unsuitable for polite company.

so it really is a veritable bugger!

wishing us all a north sea breeze!


as Val says it’s the humidity that’s the problem - all my ancient fan does is circulate hot air. At least it’s now mid-August -m hopefully no more tropical days.

just popped to the shop (20 yards) and came back with goosebumps!

I was so thrilled that the hot as hell weather has cooled a bit.

wishing you goosebumps


Funny; I love the heat. It’s the cold I can’t cope with.

Much happier sweating than shivering.

The heat is really affecting me. I am struggling with everything at the moment. I work 3 days and have to wear a mask all the time at work. I am sweating so much. Fatigue, pain and wobbliness is all worse.