Watch out guys!

Looks like some seriously hot weather is heading our way next week. It really does not agree with me at all. It really affects my MS badly and makes my legs hardly able to work. Hope you all manage to. Stay cool! Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa… might finally get to use my new and very powerful fan bought from Argos few months back. Cost £70 and has been standing in the corner collecting dust ever since!

Keep cool everyone,

Pat x

Hi Teresa

I hate to be a party pooper, but if it becomes intense heat my

ms goes haywire. It’s the same with intense cold…there’s

no pleasing me! I much prefer the Springtime.

Hope you have recovered from that nasty bug.

Pam x

Back to normal I think/hope thanks Pam. I won’t be very good in the heat either. I will just be praying for cooler weather, I’m afraid! Teresa xx

I went to Cyprus last year and the temp hit 49 degrees. So ended up in the sea most of the time. Night times were worse as i couldnt sleep in the heat, but was ok in the day. I cant even have a bath as i get dizzy with the hot water, even being in a hydro pool for physio i can only last 10mins. Luke warm showers or the sea for me im afraid. But i suppose the Vit D will help

Glad you are feeling a bit better Tree. x Keep cool this weekend. I’ve filled the freezer with ice lollies! Treek.x

The sun has got his hat on in London… not feeling very hot yet but wonder what it will be like when the sun moves round to my windows mid-afternoon.

Will be lowering the blinds and living like a little mole…

Pat x